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As the way we work evolves, how we communicate at work has never been more important.

Digital transformation, evolving workforce demographics, the rise of agile and distributed working, social and environmental pressures – these are just some of the trends emerging and converging to drive change on a scale we’ve not seen since the Second World War.

Effective communication helps people feel included and connected. It creates a sense of belonging. Never is this truer than at work.

World-class internal communication transforms working lives by helping people feel informed, connected and purposeful. When we feel seen and heard, we feel our contribution matters. This makes for more productive organisations, and by extension, an enhanced society.


Here at the IoIC, we believe that internal communication is the lifeblood of an organisation, enabling all stakeholders and employess to know, at any given point in time, what’s happening and what’s expected of them.

Effective internal communication allows employees to become true organisational ambassadors, creating engagement in a way that maximises success outcomes.

As the only dedicated professional body for internal communication, we want our members to feel empowered to influence change positively, as it’s happening. Which is why we’ve created our Future of Work series.

Deeper understanding of the convergent forces transforming our workplaces will smooth the transition towards radically different work futures.

Since effective communication is the linchpin for success in the future of work, we’re thrilled to present a series of insights to help inform and inspire, placing internal communication at the critical heart of sustained organisational resilience.

5 FOW Trends Report                 4 FOW World class Internal Comms


3 FOW Future of work                  2 FOW Organisational change




  • 18th June 2021
    IoIC has launched a new space for members on its website, with an online community for users to interact and get access to IC insight that can help them develop their careers. In response to...
  • 10th June 2021
    The IoIC is sad to learn of the passing of Tony Buckley, founder of internal communication agency AB. One of the first agencies in the UK to specialise in employee communication, AB –...
  • 3rd June 2021
      IoIC Fellows are recognised experts in our profession. They’re welcomed into our Fellowship community and are involved – through our strategic projects, advisory groups or round table forums...
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