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IoIC hosts many events to explore current trends and challenges in the practice of IC.  

These events provide a opportunity to learn from experts, participate in live discussions and take away practical tips to help in your role.  

If you are unable to join us for live event, you can access recordings via the the links below. 


Past IoIC Events:

Webinar: Storytelling and Change
On this webinar, Mark Dollins, author of the new book, Engaging Employees Through Strategic Communication, shared insights on the growing needs for change communications skills, and the connection to clear, compelling narratives. Having led employee communications for companies like PepsiCo, DuPont, Accenture and Quaker Oats, Mark brings of 35 years of internal communications to his work.

Optimal internal communication strategy: Leveraging and scaling video content in your intranet
In this webinar, we were joined by LumApps experts Blaise Kremer, Product Manager for Video, and Thierry Moncoutié, Senior Product Marketing Manager, to learn industry best practices and examples on how video can engage, enable and empower employees, and contribute to a greater employee experience.

Bitesize: Holding the Zoom Room
In this Bitesize, John Young, a former BBC TV presenter and reporter, revealed how TV news journalists grab the attention down a lens — how they hold that attention — and how their broadcasts always end bang on time.

Webinar: Creating a Buzz about Co-operative Bank’s Intranet
In this webinar, we where joined by Laura Jones, Intranet Manager at The Co-operative Bank who shared how the leading ethical bank launched a new intranet to 3,500 staff and then used it to support the organization’s transition to hybrid working. 

Webinar: How to communicate the Ukraine crisis with employees
On this webinar we were joined by Kimberley-Marie Sklinar, Communication Manager, and Amanda Coleman, Crisis Comms Consultant, as they discussed the challenges of communicating about world events, such as the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, and how to overcome them. 

Webinar: State of the Sector Report 2022
Endorsed by the IoIC, State of the Sector is the definitive global survey of the internal communication profession brought to you by Gallagher’s Employee Experience and Communication team, informed by 1,300+ responses from communication and HR leaders across the world. On this webinair, we were joined by Siobhan Hammond, Gallagher's Head of Internal Communication, Kayleigh Keogh, Senior Principal at Gallagher and IoIC's Chief Executive Jennifer Sproul for a conversation about this year's headlines.

Bitesize: Award Winning Case Studies
In this session, we joined by the the IoIC Award 2021 winners of 'Best Intranet' and 'Best Leadership Programme.'Faciltiated by Rob Jones, Voice Editor, we heard from National Grid (Best Intranet) and SSE (Best Leadership Programme) on their award-winning work.

Webinar: Why We Don’t Think The Way We Think We Think
In this session we were joined strategist, lecturer, author and IoIC Trainer, Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal to think about Behavioural Economics [aka “nudge theory”] which offers a new model for understanding the basis of human behavioural change.

Bitesize: Breakfast with the National Awards Judges
In this session we were delighted to welcome some of our IoIC National Awards Judges who discussed what they are looking for when they judge an entry. The session covered hints and tips, what to definitely include (and not include!) and how to give your entry the best possible chance of winning.


Webinar: Leading Inside Out - our new audiobook on leadership communication
On this webinar, we were joined by Dominic Walters, Fellow of and governance advisor for the IoIC and coacher of leader, as he talked exclusively about his new audiobook: Leading Inside Out - A handbook of leadership communication (members can access the audiobook here). Dominic was joined by another Fellow, Ezri Carlebach.

wtv. in conversation with the IoIC: Avoiding the pitfalls of virtual internal events
The partnership between wtv. and the Institute of Internal Communications helps you and your organisation get the most from your internal events. In this webinar Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, IoIC joined James Brown, Chief Executive Officer, wtv. in a conversation about how to get the best out of your event, avoid the common pitfalls, and how to maximise participation and engagement of your teams.

Webinar: Telling your sustainability story strategically
On this webinar, we were joined by scarlettabbott consultancy lead Alastair Atkinson and senior writer Elle Bradley-Cox who shared their tactics to help bring your sustainability story to life.

Webinar: Post-lockdown listening - How are your people really feeling?
On this webinar we were joined by Dr Alex Gapud, cultural anthropologist, scarlettabbott who explored:How the past year changed our workplace behaviours, employee expectations and the relationship between employees and their employers; ow we can equip managers and leaders to have conversations with their teams around issues like morale, wellbeing and their flexible working needs and how to cultivate a culture of psychological safety and trust.

Webinar: Anything is possible
Now, more than ever, we need to be able to adapt to change and show resilience in both our personal and working lives. On this webinar we were joined by Polar adventurer, three times Guinness World Record holder, mountain climber, marathon runner, author, businesswoman and just a ‘normal’ person, Victoria Humphries who is on a mission to help people realise that they are far more resilient than they might initially think.

Webinar: The IoIC IC Strategy Guide
In this webinar, we heard from Oli Howard and Terrence McDonald as they talked us through a comprehensive IC Strategy Guide, created in collaboration with our Masters in Internal Communication Management alumni, explaining how and why weshould use it, and answered questions about internal communication strategy.

IoIC London Webinar: Hybrid working – how to prepare for and manage a reimagined world of work
On this webinar we joined IoIC London and its expert panel as they share their learnings from the journeys they have taken to develop and implement a long-term strategy of hybrid working. What are the key elements of success, what are the pitfalls to avoid? What would they do differently if asked to do it again? A practical and topical discussion for anyone interested in or embarking on a hybrid-working strategy.

Webinar: How Internal Communication, Employee Engagement & Employee Experience fit together
This webinar featured: Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive of the Institute of Internal Communication; Jo Moffatt, MD of Woodreed and Partnerships & Strategy Director, Engage for Success; Mike Sharples, CEO & Head of Strategy at Brand Experiences; Nicholas Wardle the Head of Employee Engagement & Communications at One Housing and co-founder of the Employee Experience Opportunity; and Charlotte Dahl is a director at specialist advertising agency Woodreed, who looked at understanding more about how IC/EE/EX complement each other.

Webinar: Messaging with impact – making sure people get the point
In this webinar we were joined by author, consultant and trainer of a new IoIC course Messaging for Internal Communicators: Virtual Learning Liam FitzPatrick to think about internal communications messaging. How do you ensure that your comms get people Do, feel and know the right things and what are some of the less obvious pitfalls when you are trying to be understood? What are the keys to developing core messages that deliver real results?

Webinar: Equipping leaders and line managers as communicators
This webinar was delivered by Susan Lewes-Daley and Dominic Walters who are developing and running the brand new IoIC training courses on communication skills for leaders and line managers. Susan and Dominic shared some key points from the training and answered your questions.

Webinar: Transforming Culture – How can leaders create a thriving workplace?
In this webinar we were joined by Silke Brittain, Culture and Engagement Director at ClearVoice. She looked at how culture can be transformed, from what culture means to the enablers to achieving sustainable culture change and how to co-create your culture with employees.

Webinar: State of the Sector 2021
Endorsed by the IoIC, State of the Sector is the definitive global survey of the internal communication profession brought to you by Gallagher’s Employee Experience and Communication team, informed by responses from thousands of communication and HR professionals over the past decade. This year, the report has evolved to reflect the challenges faced by organisations in 2020. During the session, we were joined by Kevin McDougall and Tamara Alhuneidi who covered the four big trends.

Webinar: The 2021 Digital IC landscape - trends and predictions
scarlettabbott Head of Digital Tony Stewart joined IoIC's Chief Executive Jennifer Sproul to talk about the digital trends on the horizon, how our use of technology has evolved over the last year and what internal comms teams need to be planning for now to help support their people, encourage productivity and build strong online communities in 2021 and beyond.

Webinar: Big themes of 2021 and tips on how to embrace them
In this webinar attendees had an exclusive first look at the results, and our speakers (Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive of the Institute of Internal Communication; Mike Sharples, CEO & Head of Strategy at Brand Experiences; and Sara Vogt is Deputy Director for Corporate Communications at the Ministry of Justice) zoned in on some of the big themes for 2021 and offered guidance on how to tackle them.



IoIC London Webinar - Why this year wasn’t a complete washout, learnings we should take from 2020
This year has been one of the most challenging, particularly for those working in internal communications. As it draws to a close and 2021 starts to come into focus, IoIC London bought together expert in-house and consultancy panellists to discuss and share their key learnings from 2020.


Communication clinic: Communication, Culture and Engagement in the time of Covid
In this open clinic session Dr Domna Lazidou, who runs IoICs training on Culture and Employee Engagement for Communicators, discussed your challenges and answered your questions about all things Culture, Culture Change and Engagement in the time of Covid and beyond.


Webinar: Business is better when people are connected
On this webinar, we were joined Facebook’s Global Communications Lead, Abby Guthkelch and Avvivo Reply's Fay Brisco, as they explored why investing in Employee Experience (EX) should be the back-to-work priority.


Webinar: The Future of Work and Why Every Organisation Needs World-Class Internal Communication
On this webinar, we were joined by IoIC Chief Executive Jennifer Sproul and Cathryn Barnard from Working the Future, as they shared some of the key trends reshaping the world of work and unpicked how world-class internal communication will play a critical role to drive and shape the future of organisations.


Webinar: Five Steps to Thrive After Redundancy
On this webinar Eleanor Tweddell author of 'Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you' explored the possibility that being out of work could be a chance for something new, a chance to recharge, a chance to reinvent yourself. 


FutureNet: Planning a Recovery Communications Plan
Amanda Coleman joined FutureNet to share best practice and answer questions about planning a recovery communications plan.


Webinar: #IChoseIC
On this webinar we were joined by internal communication professionals who gave an insight into the internal communication profession, looked at the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, and we heard from them as they told us why #IChoseIC. 


IoIC London Webinar - How to unlock your next IC role
On this webinar, we were joined by experts in their field for a session that gave everyone top tips on understanding what those recruiting for IC roles are looking for, and the skills you need to develop, being able to shape your job search strategy, learning the important things to focus upon in job applications, your CV, and your LinkedIn profile in order to get the role you’re after and knowing how to ace your job interview.


Activating and equipping leaders to have real impact as communicators
On this webinar, we were joined by Dominic Walters, leadership communication consultant and IoIC governance adviser, as he talked about activating and equipping leaders to have real impact as communicators.


Creating Your Own Video Content 
On this webinar, we welcomed back Jeremy Humphries, our Creating Video Content trainer, as he talked about communicating via video. The webinar provided a taster of a full day, hands-on Workshop.


A break from the new norm - Why evidence is needed to influence the way forward and reset your internal communication strategy
Gatehouse, a Gallagher Company, teamed up with the Institute of Internal Communication to bring you a webinar that looked at the value of insight. Our Speakers Kevin McDougall and Emma Weatherby, discusssed why, now more than ever, evidence is needed when it comes to influencing the way forward and resetting your internal communication strategy.


Report - Impact of COVID-19 on the communications profession and future opportunities
In this webinar, Stephen Waddington, Managing Partner, Wadds Inc., and Visiting Professor, Newcastle University, joined us to talk about a Government Communication Service (GCS) COVID-19 Advisory Panel report about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the communication profession. Stephen talked about the scope of the project, some initial areas of focus, and share information about how you can participate.


Using video to prepare and welcome employees back to their new workplace – a practical guide
On this webinar, Binumi Pro showed how you can provide a ‘video journey’ around your new office space, covering such important issues as desk spacing, elevator access, hand wash stations and so on.


Working with leaders to drive engagement and change
On this webinar, Domna Lazidou, IoIC trainer and a specialist on culture and engagement, talks to Nigel Edwards, a senior communication practitioner and consultant with over 20 years successfully working with leaders to drive change and engagement in a number of multinational organisations, about his experience and the practical lessons he can share with other communicators who want to make a real difference in their workplace. 


Creating Your Own Video Conten
On this webinar, we were joined by Jeremy Humphries, our Creating Video Content trainer, as he talked about communicating via video. The webinar provided a taster of a full day, hands-on Workshop.


Virtual Facilitation - How to lead zoominars 
On this webinar we were joined by trainer, communication expert and author Kim Page as she talked about what's different when we engage online - from technology to facilitation to body language.


The importance of motivation, and how to measure it
This webinar was about making it clear that understanding motivation is vital to the success of any organisation; as it directly links to productivity, which links to performance, which links to profits


Two worlds and in between: the post-pandemic workplace
On this webinar we were join Neil Usher, Chief Partnerships Officer at GoSpace AI, who asked us to consider what the global pandemic might mean in terms of the workplace, for ourselves, our organisations and the broader environment to take one of three paths – to revert to established ways, to take a new direction entirely, or to cut a path between the two.


Culture and Communication in the VUCA workplace
On this webinar, IoIC trainer and MA tutor Dr Domna Lazidou talked to Professor Helen Spencer Oatey about her pioneering work on culture and communication and how it should inform our day to day practice, as well as what lessons we can draw for our day to day practice.


Presentation Skills
On this webinar we were joined by trainer Charles Serio as he talked about presentation skills technique.


Communication and Engagement: Supporting your remote workers
On this webinar we were joined by Christopher Thom, Strategic Account Manager, LumApps, who shared  how we can ensure our teams are engaged in this time of remote working. 


Microsoft Office 365 for Communicators: How to Use Collaboration Tools to Drive Results
On this webinar we were joined by Sequel Group Digital Media Director Charles Fenoughty, who talked about: O365 best practice and the potential of what’s available, how to better embed collaboration technologies within business processes and how to shape the collaboration behaviours which drive results

Elevating your virtual business meetings
On this webinar we were joined by Andrew Basham of Audience Engagement UK, who showed us how to make the most of our remote virtual meetings.


Brilliant Animation
On this webinar we were joined by members of the Limehouse team who took us through 10 Steps to Creating Effective Animation, giving a detailed guide to the process of creating animation, with expert advice on every step.


Communicating Via Video
On this webinar we were joined by Jeremy Humphries, an award-winning BBC trained Director of Photography and Sony trainer, who provided a taster of a full day, hands-on Workshop.


Building Trust in a Post-Truth World
On this webinar, we were joined by Deborah Hulme a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication and founder of Minerva Engagemen, who shared insights on what we mean by trust, how to grow and strengthen trust in a world where fake and authentic news clamour for attention, cultivating a culture of trust within an organisation and what that means for team communication/engagement and leadership.

Internal Communication During Uncertainty
On this webinar, the IoIC and the Masters in Internal Communication Management teaching team, Liz Cochrane, Jenny Davenport and Domna Lazidou, answered your questions about internal communication during uncertainty. 

User Generated Content

The session contained practical, creative and technical advice on capturing self-shot content, and creating an effective output with the footage.

Crisis Communications
On this webinar, Liz Havern, our Crisis Communications trainer, talked about the various stages of communicating through a crisis.

IoIC Profession Map Framework 2020
The IoIC has updated its profession map framework to ensure it is reflective of the role internal communicators play in the constantly changing world of work. 

Making the most of your IoIC Membership
The IoIC Head Office team ran a webinar to help you understand how you can make the most of your IoIC Membership. 

Office 365 and MS Teams for home workers

If you’re a communicator struggling to get your head around O365 tools whilst working from home, this webinar helped. 

Coronavirus Internal Communication Advice
The IoIC ran webinar where we heard from expert internal communicators about navigating the challenges surrounding Coronavirus. 

We were joined by Gatehouse's Andy Macleod, Director - People, Service and Excellence and Kevin McDougall - Client Services Director, as they presented the key insights from this year’s report. 
Effective and engaging communication is more than ever at the centre of today's enterprise. To unlock maximum results, existing communication strategies and productivity tools can benefit from an overarching visualization layer which brings together content and enterprise data from various information silos. 

The Event Planning Journey 
Live events are a huge part of face to face engagement and as such remain an important element of the internal communications strategy

The Truth About Trust
This webinar uncovers the truth about trust, drawing together a wealth of evidence as well as presenting original research. It

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
How internal communication professionals can adopt a number of engagement levers to build and maintain a great business culture

Making internal communication measurement easy 
Simple, practical steps you can take to measure your internal communications effectively

Putting dialogue at the heart of internal communication
Why dialogue between leaders and employees matters.

Why should purpose power internal communication
Giving people a sense of purpose literally changes their brain chemistry and has a powerfully positive effect on their performance.

Understanding the "Art of the Possible" for Video Communications
Helping Internal Communicators understand how to fully leverage video communications 

Towards the Trusted Advisor

Exploring what it means to be a trusted advisor and what you need to do to become one. 

Webinar But my manager told me
Discussing the importance of building trust through middle managers and their effectiveness as an internal communication channel

Don't forget if you are an IoIC member you can also add these as part of your CPD, click here to find out more. 

If you're interesting in hosting a webinar with IoIC please email [email protected] 

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