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Knowledge Bank

The features and case studies in this section have been produced by the IoIC, Institute members or winners of the IoIC Annual Awards.

They are available to members to help build knowledge and skill in internal communication.

If you would like to contribute a feature or case study, please email Jennifer Sproul


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Factsheet: Understanding Your Internal Audiences
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Published: 15th Aug 2019
The term ‘internal audience’ refers to a group of employees who share a number of similar characteristics, preferences, attitudes and perspectives.  Understanding internal audiences involves a process of systematic analysis using existing demographics and audience research to construct a map of different employee group profiles. This is also known as…

Guide: Confident comms in an uncertain world
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Published: 8th Aug 2019
Bridging the gap to help people perform at their best  In May 2019, we gathered in Bath with over 170 internal communication professionals at the IoIC National Conference to discuss our theme, We Matter At Work.   We looked at the growing impact of internal communication on better business, better…

Factsheet: Making Complex Messages Understandable
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Published: 15th Aug 2019
If the core of internal communication involves finding out what’s going on in our organisations and then telling people, ‘messaging’ relates to the second bit – the choices we make about what to tell people and the words we use to tell them.  Of course, many of the problems come…

Case Study: Daring to be Different
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Published: 3rd Apr 2019
A charity's daring culture change campaign refocused its business and has created a rallying call for a sector that is often overlooked in society. Following a period of significant leadership change, one of Britain’s biggest charities regained its sense of ambition and pride, galvanising its 6,000-strong workforce to create a…
A look at how field marketing specialist Appco UK cut down on email messaging in favour of more effective face-to-face training to engage fundraisers with the charities they were supporting. Door-to-door sales and fundraising professionals rarely, if ever, see the inside of their employer’s office or the workplace of the…

Case Study: Creating a Workplace for Wellbeing
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Published: 8th Jun 2019
Turn up for work at Midlands-based PKF Cooper Parry and the lively office landscape will be far removed from what you expect of an accountancy firm. As partner and chief people officer April Bembridge explains, an architectural rethink has helped create a healthier and happier environment for staff.  Until recently,…
Nissan's employee app is uniting hard-to-engage frontline workers and corporate users through compelling stories. When your workforce is geographically scattered, and up to three quarters of your employees don’t have corporate email addresses, cohesive communication can be tricky to achieve.   At Nissan, whose production in Europe is split between…

Case Study: Banking on a Digital Revolution
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Published: 15th Jun 2018
The Bank of England is on a journey to a digital workplace that is transforming the way employees collaborate.  Borne out of a desire to unlock the potential for better internal communication and easier cross-divisional collaboration as part of a three-year business strategy, the Bank of England has introduced a…

IoIC #WeMatterAtWork Card Game
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Published: 9th Jul 2019
PLAY YOUR INTERNAL COMMS CARDS RIGHT –  AND FIND OUT WHAT MATTERS TO YOUR EMPLOYEES The answer to what’s important to your colleagues at work now lies in your own hands, thanks to IoIC’s new card game. The #WeMatterAtWork game – free for members – has been designed to prompt…
We are delighted to have worked in partnership with the CIPR Inside on this new measurement and ROI report which is now available to IoIC members.  The aim of the research was to “create a comprehensive paper on measurement and ROI for internal communication pulling on existing research, thinking and…
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