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Voice Magazine

Voice magazine is the quarterly print title exclusively for IoIC members. Voice is rich in practical, useful content for IC practitioners - in-depth features, key research and opinions from around the industry.  Voice is an essential tool for internal communicators to gain knowledge about their work and talk openly to their peers - sharing experiences and solutions to common issues. If you're not already a member, you can join the IoIC today to start receiving a range of benefits, including Voice magazine. 

You can also visit Voice Online, where you can access content from the magazine as well as exclusive online only articles.
Voice Magazine - October 2019
EMPLOYEE VOICE has been cited, by Nita Clarke and David MacLeod, as one of the four enablers of engagement, and an area where good internal communication practice can have the greatest impact. But why is employee voice so important? An organisation’s people hold important information and knowledge that invariably enables it to succeed. Alongside this, unlocking the power of employee voice allows us to create connections and meaningful relationships that make people feel they are part of something – not just a consequence of someone else’s decisions.  In this issue of Voice, we explore the power of listening: how it drives innovation and how, by better understanding the increasingly noisy communication landscape, we can create more meaningful interactions and connections. We also explore the future of IC and the trends that will fundamentally change why and how we work, highlighting the need for organisations to shift from a command and control culture if they are to succeed in a changing, competitive and consumer-led landscape.
Voice Magazine - July 2019
In this issue of Voice, we consider #WeMatterAtWork further with a feature packed with insights and advice. We explore the impact of stress in the working environment and we look at the importance of live events. We are thrilled to feature DLG’s Jennifer Thomas who shares her experiences of creating an open, authentic and positive culture – and one of the Sunday Times Best Places to Work For.
Voice Magazine - March 2019
In this issue of Voice we celebrate IoIC’s 70th anniversary wiith a wonderful look back at the journey that internal communication has been on, and also to reflect on how the world of
work and society has changed. Within this change-themed issue, we also explore the changing physical environment of the workplace, delve into the challenging issue of Brexit comms, and look at how setting objectives can prove the impact of our work to create real change. The advice and insight throughout this issue should make us proud of where we have come from and ready to tackle the future. Also, read how to get involved with our new #WeMatterAtWork initiative. 
Voice Magazine - January 2019
In this issue of Voice we take a look at how taking risks in our IC campaigns and being more bold and unpredictable can create real moments of cultural change in our organisations.  We’re also talking about the skills that make for an effective communicator who is able to deliver on such bold campaigns and how we can support them in acquiring those skills. Finally, we look at how to tackle IC planning, a feature which is packed with practical tips on how to develop and approach that all-important aspect to our roles.
Voice Magazine - October 2018
In this issue of Voice, we look at why an employee value proposition (EVP) requires more than a list of values on a corporate recruitment site if it is to truly deliver. Our feature aims to help you develop an EVP strategy that not only engages current employees, but ensures the organisation “does what it says on the tin”.  We also look at how we can build our strategic practices and insight skills to raise the reputation of IC in organisations, and we discuss more tactical challenges, such as communicating with remote workers – cited as the toughest audience for internal communicators.
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