IoIC hosts webinars to explore current trends and challenges in the practice of IC.  

These webinars provide a opportunity to learn from experts, participate in live discussions and take away practical tips to help in your role.  

If you are unable to join us for live webinars, you can access recordings of past webinars at the the links below. 


Past IoIC Webinars:

The Event Planning Journey 

Live events are a huge part of face to face engagement and as such remain an important element of the internal communications strategy

The Truth About Trust
This webinar uncovers the truth about trust, drawing together a wealth of evidence as well as presenting original research. It

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
How internal communication professionals can adopt a number of engagement levers to build and maintain a great business culture

Making internal communication measurement easy 
Simple, practical steps you can take to measure your internal communications effectively

Putting dialogue at the heart of internal communication
Why dialogue between leaders and employees matters.

Why should purpose power internal communication
Giving people a sense of purpose literally changes their brain chemistry and has a powerfully positive effect on their performance.

Understanding the "Art of the Possible" for Video Communications
Helping Internal Communicators understand how to fully leverage video communications 

Towards the Trusted Advisor

Exploring what it means to be a trusted advisor and what you need to do to become one. 
Webinar But my manager told me
Discussing the importance of building trust through middle managers and their effectiveness as an internal communication channel

Don't forget if you are an IoIC member you can also add these as part of your CPD, click here to find out more. 

If you're interesting in hosting a webinar with IoIC please email [email protected] 
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