GenAI Mastery Course for Communicators

Discover how to use AI technology for more effective, dynamic and scalable internal communication.

Course Overview

22 February - 28 March 2024, Online 

Discover how to use AI technology for more effective, dynamic and scalable internal communication

Welcome to the future of internal communication

We're offering you a comprehensive 6-week online course, tailor-made for internal comms teams keen to make the most of the AI revolution.

Unlock the immense potential of Generative AI to transform your organisation's internal communication practices.

The AI-powered communication revolution

AI is not just on the horizon - it's here and now, reshaping the way we interact, engage, and communicate.

In the realm of internal communications, Generative AI is the game-changer, offering dynamic, scalable, and engaging content at a speed that was once unthinkable.

Join us to navigate this exciting technology and learn how to utilise it to your advantage.

Course outcomes

Empowerment through knowledge and network

Whether you're a seasoned professional keeping pace with industry innovation, or an eager beginner looking to demystify AI, this course is your stepping stone.

By the end of our course, you'll have not only an understanding of the AI landscape, but also the knowledge to effectively utilise and communicate about Generative AI tools internally.

In addition you will join a valuable network of internal communication trailblazers who are all upskilling their knowledge and starting to put this technology into practice within their businesses. Turn your AI understanding into tangible business success.

Gain your competitive edge

Stay ahead of the curve by mastering the AI tools and techniques that are shaping the future of internal communication. Position yourself and your organisation as pioneers in this evolving landscape. Your journey towards the cutting edge of technology begins here.

With only limited spaces available, enrol now to unleash the power of Generative AI.

GenAI Toolkit 

Participants will leave the course with a GenAI Toolkit including: AI Policy Framework Starter; Gen AI Internal Comms Prompts; Gen AI Prompt Strategy & Process; AI Business Case Template; AI Business Model and Strategy Planner Template; and GenAI Key Terms Document. 

Policy and ethics

AI policy and ethical considerations

Throughout the course, you’ll get education, practical knowledge and skills alongside thought-provoking discussions around some of the most pressing topics in AI policy and ethics.

Questions such as

  • Should all internal comms AI content be marked for transparency?
  • How can we best serve our people and customers with the time freed up by AI?
  • Which parts of a business should we automate, and which should we preserve from automation?

These discussions will help shape your understanding of being mindful, not mindless, when utilising new technology and automation.


Learning journey

Your expert-crafted learning journey

Our 6-week course features a thought-provoking 90 minute webinar every fortnight, complemented by a 1-hour Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on alternate weeks, both led by industry experts.

We've meticulously designed this learning journey to guide you from a rudimentary understanding to comprehensive knowledge and practical application.

The course will include real-life demos, case studies and tailored learning. 

Webinar 1

  • Generative AI landscape
  • Different types of Generative AI
  • How Large Language Models (LLMs) work
  • Largest areas of impact
  • Latest research and future predictions

Followed by AMA (ask me anything session) the following week. 

Webinar 2

  • Latest news and updates
  • Generative AI for IC teams - written, image and video
  • Which areas of your business should use Gen AI
  • Policy and safeguarding
  • Real world use cases

Followed by AMA (ask me anything session) the following week. 

Webinar 3

  • Latest news and updates
  • Gen AI internal comms strategy
  • Gen AI internal comms tools and process
  • Gen AI - co-piloting teams
  • How to move forward with Gen AI

Followed by AMA (ask me anything session) the following week.