Thrive Well Development Programme

How do you create your biggest and best work life in a fast changing world comprising tight deadlines and an ever increasing workstack? This science-led programme delivers the knowledge, tools and practices to achieve exactly that.

Programme Overview

9-Week Programme: Starts Thursday 10 October 2024 

How do you create your biggest and best work life in a fast changing world comprising tight deadlines and an ever increasing workstack?

Grounded in neuroscience, this programme delivers the knowledge, tools and practices to achieve exactly that.

A transformative journey that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. As you learn to overcome self-doubt and limited thinking, you will embrace positive new habits, expand self-awareness and enhance your personal energy and resilience to thrive as the best, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

The course centres around four core modules:

  • Foundation and Assessment: Identifying the core components of a resilient self, understanding the start and end point and areas for short, medium and longer term focus and action. 
  • Brain and Mind: Equipping you with the knowledge and tools to improve mental processes and thought patterns for more positve, considered and solutions focused responses.
  • Stress Management and Social Connection: Knowing how to activate and deactivate the human system, maintaining high performance at the right time in the right way.
  • The Work of Happiness: Understanding and learning the steps necessary to raise your personal happiness set-point, increasing and sustaining felt happiness over time.

Overall the programme aims to help internal communicators to avoid burnout, maximise their potential and lead happier working lives. 

What will you learn?

Module 1: Foundation and Assessment 

Recognise and strengthen the foundations necessary to stay well and perform well within changing environments. Identify where you are startng from, reflecting on where you might need to focus attention during the programme. Key Topics:

  • Core Components; learn the components that make a whole, happy, well self, how they work together and the importance of balance.

  • Assessment; identify your start and desired point, including available energy reserves.

  • Awareness; learn the importance of self-compassion, its impact and why its important to clear up all the messes.

Module 2: Brain and Mind

Change your thoughts, change your brain, change your reality. The greater your understanding of how the brain and mind work together, the more control you have to direct your own path. By understanding and improving how you think, there is increased Cognitive flexibility and adaptability as well as enhanced performance under pressure. Key Topics:

  • Cognitive flexibility; learn how the conscious and subconscious self works together and what they require for high performance.

  • Change; learn how the brain changes and what this means for what we do, including how and when we learn.

  • Mindset; learn the power of mindset, how to cancel rumination and create more beneficial thinking pathways.

Module 3: Stress Management and Social Connection

Embrace effective yet practical stress management strategies that deliver results, seamlessly, within the daily routine. At the same (me strengthen professional and personal relationships through improved communication and empathic engagement as you create a robust support network. Key Topics:

• Stress triggers & management; learn how to recognise the signs and manage the response.

• Stress mindset; learn how mindset matters, harnessing good stress for high performance.

• Connection, performance & well-being; learn how to connect for impact and understand the dangers of isolation. 

Module 4: The Work of Happiness

Cultivate the thoughts, habits and practices that influence and shape your experience of the external environment. Simple techniques to transform feelings and behaviours for an elevated sense of happiness, reframing perspectives for enhanced personal and professional success. Key Topics:

• The happiness set-point; learn how to understand, identify and shift the dial.

• Self-made happiness; learn what it is, why its important and how to create it.

• Happiness pillars; learn what makes and supports the pillars that underpin happiness.

How is it delivered?

Thrive Well is a 9-week programme delivered online, including: 

  • Four Learning Sessions (2-hours each).
  • Three Reflections/Q&A sessions (1-hour each). 
  • Monday Motivation Videos: Short video messages aligned to module content, posted each week.
  • Thrive Well Private Discussion Groups: A dedicated space for participants to post updates, share successes and challenges. 
  • Downloadable Exercises and Worksheets.
  • Interactive Workbook.
  • Thrive Well Book.



Programme Schedule

The next programme will run from 10 October to 5 December. 

The course includes:

  • Four learning modules 
  • Three Reflection/Q&A Sessions 
  • Monday Motivation Videos - posted every Monday 
  • Downloadable Exercises, Worksheets and an Interactive Workbook
  • Thrive Well Private Discussion Groups. 

Live Session Schedule:

All timings are UK.

Event  Timing 

Module 1 Learning Session 

10 October



17 October


Module 2 Learning Session

23 October



31 October


Module 3 Learning Session

7 November



14 November


Module 4 Learning Session

21 November



5 December




Additional Programme Information

  • Time commitment: around 3-4 hours a week to include live sessions, activity work and practical application of techniques. 
  • Location: online via Canvas - an online learning environment - and Zoom for the sessions. 

  • CPD: the course provides 10 CPD Points for IoIC Members. 

  • All participants will also receive a copy of Deborah Hulme's Book: Thrive Well.