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Inside Out is soon be replaced with Voice, our new quarterly print publication click here for more information.  We will continue to host previous copies of Inside Out available for members . InsideOut focuses on: professional development, new thinking, industry knowledge, case studies on award-winning work.
InsideOut - July 2016
When internal communicators talk about giving employee voice a chance, they probably don’t mean getting everyone together for a good old sing-song. However, workplace choirs are hitting the right note with many organisations because if employees sing together, it encourages teamwork, improves morale, boosts productivity, creativity and engagement. So, InsideOut investigates whether it’s true that you can win when you're singing. 

Also in this edition, there’s an optimistic jobs update from recruiters VMA - if communicators invest in their own careers. Plus a spoof book from Involve pokes fun at conference organisation (you WILL recognise your own faults), Nic Cooper of Sledge sounds off about culture and brand, and tech company Dimension Data go under the Spotlight.
InsideOut - June 2016
Is the annual engagement survey dead? With digital technology making instant mood checks an everyday possibility and employees fed up with the lack of response, are internal communicators ready to call time on the annual survey? In this edition we talk to Drew McMillan of Virgin Trains about why the company moved on to other ways of measuring how employees feel.

Other views include French communicator Judith Desportes, the team behind an AB report on how surveys have become a tick-box exercise, and psychologist Simon Moore. Other subjects included in this issue include X Factor stylist Gemma Sheppard on how to introduce a new employee uniform, Victoria Wright on why middle managers are vital to IC, Kate M.Santon on why Lewis Carroll was right about jargon, Rebecca Howard explains how to be more resilient at work and AB Agri goes under the Spotlight.

InsideOut May 2016
Ethics is by definition a grey area and often employees need to make quick decisions ‘on the ground’. The Institute of Business Ethics – in conjunction with international service company Serco - has developed an app to help. So, imagine a client offers you tickets and hospitality to finals day at Wimbledon. Is it merely a friendly gesture between trusted colleagues – or a bribe? May's issue of Inside Out investigates...

Other subjects covered in this issue include a free business support helpline available to IoIC members, how IC is working across Europe, a look at 'intraprenuers' in comms, a 'Who's who' at the top of IC, and Majestic Wine goes under the Spotlight.
InsideOut April 2016
Imagine you’re going for an IC job interview in five years’ time…what skills will you need? Will you be broadcasting messages, breaking down silos, showing leaders how to bring change to life…or all of these? IoIC Live 2016 will kick off with a discussion to build the internal communicator of the future - and April's InsideOut looks at what qualities might be needed.

This edition focuses on IoIC Live, also talking to presenter Emma Bridger about why organisations aren't taking engagement seriously, while fellow conference speaker Rachel Royall takes us through a transformation journey being made by NHS staff in North London. In addition, Ian Harris explains how to make messages stick in a preview of the next Accelerate course and Tees Valley housing group Thirteen goes under the Spotlight.
InsideOut March 2016
Unless you’ve tried delivering a tough message to employees who regularly have to travel in armoured vehicles for their own safety, your job probably isn’t as challenging as Tony Kay’s.

He was the UK’s Consular Regional Director for the Middle East from 2009 until 2012. The Arab Spring came slap bang in the middle of his tenure, with democratic uprisings spreading across the region, originating in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly taking hold in Egypt (twice!), Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain.“It seemed like, as soon as I took on a new country, it dissolved into civil war,” Tony tells InsideOut.

Also in this edition, Laura Storey tells why IBM changed its IC policy, the State of the Sector 2016 report is analysed by Steve Doswell, Principled Persuasion author Mike Churchman outlines a stark choice for communicators, Paul Middlebrook of The Allotment explains how Perspex was used to engage employees across the globe and Lithuanian telecoms group Teo goes under the Spotlight.
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