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Voice magazine is the quarterly print title exclusively for IoIC members. Voice is rich in practical, useful content for IC practitioners - in-depth features, key research and opinions from around the industry.  Voice is an essential tool for internal communicators to gain knowledge about their work and talk openly to their peers - sharing experiences and solutions to common issues. If you're not already a member, you can join the IoIC today to start receiving a range of benefits, including Voice magazine. 

You can also visit Voice Online, where you can access content from the magazine as well as exclusive online only articles.
Voice Magazine - April 2021

As Internal Communicators,we have long known the power of tone – how we say something can be more important thanwhat we say. We have seen a shift to more human-centred communication, brought about by the events of the past year,and, as a result, a more emotional,transparent and authentic tone of voice throughout our organisations. In this issue of Voice, we explore the importance of toneand how we can adapt our communicationto influence morale and cultural change.We cover the perennial issue of line manager communications. This continues to be a big barrier to effective internal comms. As organisations shift to more remote working, line managers are crucial in shaping the communication of an organisation, and so we explore how to better support them as an intrinsic part of our internal communication activities.We also look at the challenging issue of cybersecurity, exploring the risks and tactics we can deploy to encourage our employees to be secure and help protect the assets of our organisations. We also look at the key trends coming out of this year’s State of the Sector research. In our interview, we talk with Demetri Asprou, internal communications manager for Mars Wrigley, who shares what it is like to work for one of the biggest confectionery organisations and the experience of starting a new role last summer and still having not met his colleagues face to face.

Voice Magazine - January 2021

In this issue, we examine this new changeIn this issue, we examine this new changein leaders and look at the challenges ofcommunicating bad news – not somethingwe enjoy, but, if done right, can have impacton the way we make our employees think, feel and do. We also look at the challenge ofcommunicating with offline employees. As the power of effective IC is felt by many, we have the opportunity to give this renewed focus, investment and support. We also look at employee onboarding and how we create great experiences and that sense of belonging – as first impressions really do count.  We also feature Jo Bland from NHS Digital who shares her experiences of the past few months. We know we speak for us all when we say how thankful we are to the NHS. 

Voice Magazine - October 2020

In this issue of Voice, we explore how IC must ensure organisations don’t treat diversity and inclusion as a box-ticking exercise, but instead create truly inclusive organisations for every employee. Alongside this, we must make sense of the continuous uncertainty around us, adjust and understand what employees want and what our organisations must do to survive. It will require listening, planning and experimenting and, perhaps, new physical workplaces, but the real change will take place in our cultures through world-class communication. This will be an opportunity for IC practitioners to spearhead this evolution. In Voice, we also look at internal film and animation, a medium that has seen a surge in popularity in recent months; using data-driven insight to inform our strategy; and the importance of community building. We are also thrilled that Alice Oliver from University of Derby gives us an insight into the academic world.

Voice Magazine - July 2020
In this issue of Voice, we look at trust in an environment of fake news, inaccurate information and unreliable leadership. How can we provide messages that employees will trust? We examine the challenging issue of workplace bullying, as our contributors share their honest experiences and advise on how IC can help stamp this out. It would be remiss not to talk about how Covid-19 has changed our landscape, and we include a fantastic case study from Pearson on how it kept
colleagues connected at a time of crisis. We were thrilled to interview Defra’s Anthony Kluth. He talks about his career responding to crises and supporting public need, and how Defra’s IC team managed during the Covid-19 outbreak
Voice Magazine - April 2020
AS THE FUTURE creates continued change for organisations and their people, the perceived need and value of internal communication is increasing with senior leaders. The recent State of the Sector survey by Gatehouse shows that 70 per cent of senior leaders agree with internal comms professionals about their role and purpose, increasing from 53 per cent five years ago. We need to capitalise on this by improving our business acumen and stakeholder relationships, and using evidence to demonstrate our impact. We have refreshed the IoIC Profession Map and these are some of the key changes following a nine-month consultative process with IC professionals of all levels. CEOs need our skills to help them build effective relationships with their people to create successful and resilient organisations.

In this issue of Voice, we look at how to welcome a new CEO, what they need from IC and how the process will benefit people. We explore how to embed flexible working across an organisation fairly through
effective communication. And, as the plethora of technology expands, we hear from practitioners about some of the tech they use and how it works for them. We are delighted that Tata Steel’s Tim Rutter, winner of the IoIC #WeMatterAtWork Award, gave us an insight into the steel industry and the role it plays in the community.
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