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IoIC Fellows Roundtables

See the Round Up of the First Fellows Roundtable here.

We are delighted to introduce our new series of events, designed exclusively for our Fellows.


The community will bring together senior communicators to discuss key topics in an open environment.  It aims to promote curiosity, collaboration and creativity.

The community will provide informal but structured opportunities for Fellows of the Institute to meet virtually on a regular basis to:

  • Discuss key issues and topical challenges
  • Share information successes and learning points
  • Ask questions and check understanding
  • Find out what other people are doing
  • Have a conversation with fellow internal communicators with no ‘agenda’ – away from organisational politics or consultancy sales pitches.

What will the Fellows’ Community involve?

  • Initially the community will involve regular Zoom-based roundtable meetings for between 10 and 20 Fellows to ensure interaction and give participants a fair share of airtime
  • These meetings will be open to all IoIC Fellows, with places allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • Meeting outputs will be shared with all Fellows and content will be aligned with what is being covered in other IoIC channels such as ‘Voice’ and podcasts.
  • Each meeting will focus one a broad topic which will be announced one month beforehand

What’s the format?

  • Meetings will be co-facilitated by two officers of the IoIC – for the initial few meetings, this will be Suzanne Peck and Dominic Walters
  • One of the facilitators will kick the meeting off with a short outline introduction to the topic/issue to be discussed
  • Fellows will each then be asked to share their experiences and thoughts about the topic for up to a maximum of 3 mins so that everyone will be able to contribute
  • This will be followed by a facilitated discussion and short summary by a facilitator
  • A written synopsis of key points will be shared with participants and made available to all IoIC Fellows
  • There will also be the option of involving subject matter experts beyond the Fellowship for certain topics where an additional viewpoint and/or a non-communicator perspective will be useful

We look forward to seeing you there - check out the events page to book for the latest roundtable.


  • 19th April 2021
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  • 23rd March 2021
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