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Our career stage networks bring together members to share knowledge, engage in conversation with dedicated activities in a safe space.

Supporting you at the start of your career with FutureNet, our network for IC newcomers, and you also connect at senior level with our through our dedicated network for IoIC Fellows.


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IoIC Fellows are an elite group of IC professionals who have been judged by their peers to have made a significant contribution to their profession.

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A network dedicated to internal communication newcomers


Welcome to our new Networks pages

You can now easily join our range of networks where you can access dedicated online forums, resources, and events. Whatever your location, career stage or area of interest, our networks are there to support you and make you feel welcome. 

We are working with our Networks to ensure these pages are updated regularly, this will happen over the next few months so please bear with us. Later in the autumn, we will be showing all members how you can get more involved with our networks.