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Neuroscience: The Science Behind Effective Employee Engagement & Change: Virtual Learning - One place remaining!

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Event Starts
9:30 am on 23rd Sep 2020
Event Ends
12:30 pm on 30th Sep 2020
Standard Price
£350.00 + VAT
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£280.00 + VAT

Deborah Hulme and Jennie Flower



Neuroscience is revealing how behaviour originates in the brain.  This knowledge gives communication and engagement practitioners a deeper and clearer understanding of how to support teams, drive engagement and enable effective change. 

The learning from our colleagues in the science community is shining a light on how behaviour and mindset matters, how the right environments create the best ideas and how language, consistency and emotion all play a leading role.  As communication practitioners, we now have the evidence to support what we have always instinctively understood.

This virtual masterclass is delivered over two half day sessions which run on consecutive weeks with the opportunity for practical application, feedback and reflection.  It is designed to introduce communication practitioners to the principles of neuroscience explaining how the brain operates and what helps and hinders successful engagement during change. 

The programme consists of: 

  • Pre-work: Read reference material to provide context
  • Two half day virtual interactive workshops run on Zoom with break out rooms for group discussion and practical exercises (23rd - 30th Sept: 9:30am – 12:30pm)
  • Supported action planning: Identify areas to put learning into practice inbetween sessions
  • Discussion forum to feedback on progress, build on learning, ask questions and share experiences

Please note that we use Zoom and Canvas: The Learning Management Platform for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access these systems where you are based before booking your place.



At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of how the brain operates and the implications for effective engagement during change
  • Develop language and communication skills designed to promote a shift in mindset from fixed to growth
  • Be able to contribute to the creation of a highly engaged and motivated workplace which facilitates wellbeing and resilience in times of change

All participants will also gain:

  • Pre and post course access to Canvas, the IoIC's online learning environment, where they will find all course materials and be able to engage with their fellow participants
  • The opportunity to try things out in the workplace (as well as at home) before coming back together as a group for discussions and feedback
  • A network of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from


The course will cover:

  • The human element of business and the skills required for modern day business
  • The role of energy, relationship and trust as performance drivers
  • Organising principles of the brain and our key thinking systems
  • The role of trust and psychological safety within an organisation and the correlation with performance
  • The human reality of change
  • Thinking at the core of performance and the power of mindset
  • How to minimise threat and maximise reward
  • Understanding neuroplasticity and habit formation
  • The role social connectivity plays in building levels of engagement
  • Communicating change in three simple steps 


About the trainers

The Neuroscience Masterclass is run by Deborah Hulme, a Fellow of the IoIC and founder of Minerva Engagement, specialists in applied neuroscience for high performance and wellbeing.  Deborah is a thought-leader and practitioner in neuroleadership and employee engagement and has over 20 years' experience shaping and delivering complex change and engagement programmes.

Jennie Flower heads up Business Development at Minerva Engagement.  She combines Minerva’s expertise within applied neuroscience with her business communications experience and her own research into emotional intelligence, stakeholder behaviours and organisational change.



 “A complex subject presented in an easy to understand way with concrete examples to bring it to life.”

 “The subject matter is complex but the course sticks to the core principles of neuroscience where it is relevant to us as professional communicators.”

 “Lots of tips and ideas alongside case studies and shared experiences that I can learn from and reflect on in my role.  I’ve really enjoyed it, thank you!”

 “Good content and examples explained in an easy to understand way.  This session was hugely relevant and will definitely help me in my role - highly  recommended!”

 “Thoroughly enjoyed the course – the presenter kept us engaged throughout the day. While I had heard some of the science before it was good to consolidate it with a particular focus on what that means for us as communicators.”



Please note our training terms and conditions before booking your place.

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