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Office 365 for Internal Communication: Virtual Learning - Fully booked!

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Event Starts
9:30 am on 28th Jul 2020
Event Ends
11:30 am on 6th Aug 2020
Standard Price
£495.00 + VAT
Members Price
£395.00 + VAT

Paul Jones & Charles Fenoughty



Ideal for IC professionals at different stages of their Office 365 journey, this virtual learning programme - delivered over a series of webinars and interactive activities - will equip practitioners with:

  • A clear understanding of what Microsoft 365 is, and how tools like SharePoint, Teams and Yammer can support comms and organisational goals
  • The tools to have more effective conversations with IT colleagues
  • A draft channel map for their organisation
  • An outline adoption and communication plan
  • An understanding of what good looks like and how to measure success


The programme consists of:

Part One

Starting your journey: How to apply 365 in your own world, Tuesday 28 July 9.30 - 11.30

  • Understanding what 365 is, and is not
  • How the tools work together as a suite (and with third-party services too)
  • Considering how each of the tools can work for you and your team 

Changing your horizon: How 365 opens up your comms mix, Thursday 30 July, 9.30 - 11.30

  • Why planning is the secret sauce
  • Setting a comms-first approach to 365
  • Creating a new communications mix
  • Fixing the overlap between tools (such as Teams and Yammer)
  • Using the tools to achieve your comms and organisational goals
  • The balance between central and user-generated content
  • Clarifying your role in success and adoption

Part Two

Solving the puzzle: How IC, IT and HR can work together to provide a successful digital transformation, Tuesday 4 August 9.30 - 11.30

  • Clarifying who owns what, and why that matters
  • The distinction between ‘technology’ and ‘content’
  • How to bring the three functions together successfully
  • Having more effective conversations with IT 
  • Governance – setting the rules for your new approach, and how to enforce them through a mix of IT and IC
  • The common pitfalls to avoid

Sharing the message: How to create your launch strategy, Thursday 6 August 9.30 - 11.30

  • How to plan for 365 success
  • Identifying and engaging with your key stakeholders and audiences
  • Planning your communication campaign to raise awareness, increase understanding and inspire action
  • Preparing for and addressing potential blockers
  • Defining what success looks like and how you will measure it 



All participants will gain:

  • Pre and post course access to Canvas, the IoIC's online learning environment, where they will find all course materials and be able to engage with their fellow participants
  • The opportunity to try things out in the workplace (as well as at home) before coming back together as a group for discussions and feedback
  • A network of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from


About the trainers

Paul Jones is Head of Insight at Sequel Group. He has been helping organisations to plan, deliver and measure their communications for 20 years. Although a platform agnostic, he has to admit that the Microsoft Office 365 suite has an awful lot going for it, even though he still isn’t sure what Kaizala is about.

Charles Fenoughty is Sequel Group’s Digital Media Director and the technical lead for this programme. Charles works closely with internal communication and IT teams to deliver best in class digital transformations for blue chip organisations in the UK and worldwide. With his ‘people first’ approach to developing digital solutions that link employees to business strategy to drive engagement, understanding and performance, Charles has been involved with Microsoft 365 since its inception. His significant technical expertise, born out of 20 years’ experience, is enhanced by his background in strategic marketing, design, application development and solutions architecture, all of which place him ideally when it comes to developing and supporting the digital workplace.

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