Crisis Comms Consultancy

Any crisis seems individual and specific to the organisation it affects.

It's evident that bad things can and do happen to good organisations, but many tend to repeat the same errors when a crisis occurs, both with internal and external communication, suggesting there's an ongoing need for crisis management and organisational development. It can take decades to build reputation and five minutes to lose it, so knowing how to minimise damage and regain lost ground is imperative. 

The IoIC is now offering a series of Crisis Communications Consultancy workshops, designed to support your organisation before, during and afer a crisis:

1. Pre-emptive Crisis Planning and Practise

The planning stage, when crisis is likely, or imminent.

2. Acute Crisis Response and Message Control

The acute response stage, when an organisation is experiencing a crisis and must quickly take control and turn the situation around, ultimately to its advantage. 

3. Post Crisis Assessment and Reputation Recovery

The aftermath stage, when rebuilding reputation, stabilisation and the reinforcing of confidence and motivation of staff is paramount, leading to transformation.

Our crisis communications specialist, Liz Havern, can work with you and your organisation during any or all stages of an organisational crisis. To find out more about how we can support you before, during or after a period of crisis, please email [email protected]



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