Foundation Diploma

About the Foundation Diploma

Academically accredited by Solent University, the Foundation Diploma is a level 4 qualification and the equivalent of the first year of an undergraduate degree, resulting in students receiving a dual award from Solent and the IoIC. The programme is best suited for professionals who are at the start of their career and are looking to gain the essential skills and knowledge required of an IC practitioner, as well as those who already have significant internal communication experience and want to formalise their knowledge and demonstrate their commitment to their professional development.

Entry Requirements

There are no minimum entry requirements for the Foundation Diploma other than membership of the IoIC. Upon completion, and if they can show an additional 1 year of experience, students will be able to upgrade to Member (MIIC) status.

What's involved?

1. You will attend an initial immersion day. This is where the standards required to attain the qualification
    are shared and you meet the other members of your cohort.
2. You will build a professional portfolio, giving examples of each skills and knowledge area required for
    the diploma.
3. You will produce a communication plan for a practical project in the workplace that you have been involved
     in either leading or supporting. You will also reflect on what you learnt from being part of the project.
4. You will sit an examination, including an interview with senior communication professionals.

As part of the diploma, you will have the opportunity to attend two IoIC training programmes of your choice to help
you fill specific skill gaps - allowing you to tailor your learning experience.

Where can I study?

Your workplace becomes your classroom as you collect evidence of attainment of each skill and area of knowledge,
including the practical project. You will be given access to the Solent library where you can read and save recommended
readings to help you increase your knowledge and reflect on what you have done and learnt. 

How will I be assessed?

The written professional portfolio and workplace project that you produce will be assessed by our examiners.
There will be a 2.5 hour exam and interview at the end of the programme.

How long does it take?

The diploma takes 6 months from immersion day to final exam and interview. It is recommended that students spend around 10 hours per week on independent research and study, although the majority of this will be done in the workplace.

What have other people said about the Foundation Diploma?

'The Foundation Diploma was the perfect opportunity to solidify the skills I've picked up over the last few years and gain a wider knowledge of the IC industry' - Rebecca Leonard, Sequel Group

'I was surprised about how much I learnt throughout the process! I now have a much greater understanding of internal communications best practice and more skills in general' - Emma Hughes, International Nuclear Services

'The Foundation Diploma really makes you analyse why we, as IC practitioners, do what we do and makes you truly understand the value of our work' - Ben Gogan, Southern Water

Upcoming immersion days

  • Thursday 26 July 2018


The Foundation Diploma costs £1,885 + VAT and you must be a member to undertake the qualification. To find out more, complete the enquiry form below or email [email protected] 

• Please note: Anyone taking the programme agrees to abide by the rulings of the Institute. 

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