Advanced learning to boost your skills and leadership potential 

IoIC Masterclasses have been designed to deliver advanced learning and development for senior communicators. They equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to tackle strategic and leadership challenges. 

Coaching Masterclass

In today's organisations, leaders who want to be seen as authentic and trustworthy need to get better at connecting with others, communicating with them personally rather than relying on professional communicators to do it for them. 
This one-day masterclass is aimed at communication professionals who already have a good working relationship with their senior organisational leaders and have the mandate to help them become more impactful. It will benefit communicators who are keen to develop their coaching skills and who want to be seen as communication business partners.  Participants will leave the class with:
  • A deeper understanding of why coaching is key to influencing leader communication
  • Practical coaching models to take away and use
  • Confidence in their own ability to use a coaching approach
  • Practical ways of dealing with their real-life leadership challenges
The Coaching Masterclass is led by Sheila Hirst, prinicpal of Omiliahirst and with 25 years' experience in comms at SMEs and corporates. To find out more and book your place on the next course, running on 4 October 2017, click here

Speaking Truth to Power Masterclass

Creating a ‘speak up culture’ is now a pressing strategic imperative for many organisations. Ensuring employees can challenge malpractice and therefore prevent tragedy and corporate disaster is one reason. Enabling employees to offer ideas in an ever-increasing competitive environment is another.

But many approaches aimed at improving dialogue and upward / downward communication are simplistic and superficial. Managers wonder why, when they say their ‘door is always open’ nobody comes through it. This workshop reports on eight years of research examining the reality of dialogue in organisational settings, focusing on an employee’s moment of choice about whether to speak up. By exploring what goes on in this decision it is possible to see how employees might improve the way they speak up and leaders might significantly improve the way they invite the opinions of others. 
The Speaking Truth to Power masterclass will cover:
  • Why the 'speak up culture' is such an important issue now
  • What factors influence the decision on whether to speak up - and why employees stay silent
  • How leaders, often inadvertently, silence their employees - and how they can encourage speaking up
  • What organisational interventions can improve levels of speaking up

This one-day Masteclass is led by Megan Reitz, author of Organizational Dialogue: Developing Relational Leadership and Associate Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Ashridge Executive Education. To find out more and to book your place on the next course, running on 5 October 2017, click here


Neuroscience Masterclass: The Science of Creativity and Innovation

Neuroscience is revealing practical ways for leaders striving for employee innovation to develop the most creative, engaged and productive work environments. It shines a light on how the right environments create the best ideas, providing the tools to promote creativity, insights and to drive innovation in the workplace. 

This interactive one-day masterclass is designed to introduce participants to the principles of neuroscience and its implications for leaders in creative work environments.
The Neuroscience Masterclass will cover:
  • The latest research from neuroscience which explains how the brain operates and what helps and hinders brain power and creative output.
  • How to create and maintain healthy work environments that are designed to promote creative and innovative thinking.
  • How to promote wellbeing, improve resilience and reduce stress in the workplace to increase motivation, engagement and retention.
The Neuroscience Masterclass is run by Deborah Hulme, a thought-leader and practitioner in employee engagement and behavioural change. Deborahe is trained in NLP, neuroscience and coaching and has over 20 years' experience shaping and delivering complex engagement programmes. To find out more and to book your place on the next course, running on 15 June 2017, click here


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