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Resilience for Internal Communicators Workshop

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Event Date
10th Oct 2022
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Standard Price
£159.99 + VAT
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£129.99 + VAT


Resilience is a key skill for those working in internal communication at any level. This workshop will explore resilience, how it can support internal communicators in their roles, and how lived experiences can be transferred into working worlds.

Resilience is not about being strong, or enabling business leaders to pile on the pressure, but about learning from your experiences and using this knowledge to develop and grow as a professional, and as a person.

A resilient team is adaptable, curious and empowered. We know that an organisation’s resilience is directly linked to their employees’ individual physical, mental and emotional resilience. Businesses need people who can rapidly adapt to change, and feel motivated by their job and secure in their workplace. 

Studies have shown that there is a significant negative and inverse relationship between imposter syndrome and resiliency.

Those with imposter syndrome tend to be less resilent and feel less secure in their roles, building resilience can therefore positively impact the confidence you have in yourself, your abilities, and your role.

This timely course will provide guidance on building personal, team and organisational resilience. It will also encourage you to think differently, to be curious, overcome challenges and knockbacks, and tap into opportunities.


Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is suitable for internal communication professionals at all levels, but in particular those who are managing channels or teams, or who are strategically advising. The course is also suitable for line managers and team leaders who don't work directly in internal communications. The workshop is designed to support with delivery, management and influence, as well as personal resilience and development.  


The Agenda 

The workshop is split into three sections (with a break in between!).

Part 1 – inspire

A uniquely inspirational talk from Victoria Humphries who was a member of the first all-female expedition to the North Pole and has gone on to be MD of a successful EdTech business. She tells the story of the record breaking expedition, overcoming adversity, coping with constant change, surviving a life threatening accident and how she has used the experiences from the trip to create her own ‘resilience toolbox.’

Part 2 – debate & discuss

Example questions:

  • How do you ensure that you are resilient?
  • What are the challenges (related to resilience) in your roles today?
  • What are the links between resilience and imposter syndrome?
  • How do you support your staff/teams/colleagues to be resilient?
  • What is the role of resilience in leadership?
  • What does a resilient organisation look like?

Part 3 – reflect & build

As individuals, take time to reflect on our own lived experiences - thinking about situations when a door closing, and perceived failure or disaster, ended up leading to a new opportunity. As a group share these reflections and use these insights to create a ‘resilience toolbox’ based around the four key elements of resilience.

Support - what kept you upright?

Strategies - what kept you moving?

Sagacity - what gave you comfort and hope?

Solutions - what behaviours did you demonstrate?


Delegates will leave the workshop:

  • With an increased understanding of resilience and how their lived experiences can be transferred to the working world
  • With an increased awareness of the links between imposter syndrome and resilience
  • Thinking differently; challenging themselves to be curious, to take opportunities and to break challenges into bite size chunks
  • With a practical personal resilience plan to help them overcome a current challenge.


Your Trainer 

Victoria Humphries is a polar adventurer, three times Guinness World Record holder, mountain climber, marathon runner, author, Bath based businesswoman and a ‘normal’ person.  She prides herself on being just your average woman who happens to believe that Anything is Possible if you put your mind to it. 

Victoria was a member of first all-women's expedition to the North Pole and since then has embarked on various adventures and challenges.  The latest of which, [email protected], involves her taking on 50 different challenges to celebrate being 50.  When not accepting challenges and generally being a little bit bonkers she is a businesswoman and until recently led a successful EdTech business.  She now works with companies and schools running resilience workshops; encouraging staff to use their lived experiences to build their ‘resilience toolbox’.

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