08 Jun 2023

MA Open Afternoon 2023: Session Recording

Our Masters in Internal Communication Management Open Afternoon took place online on 7 June 2023. You can watch the session here. 

During the session we heard from MA alumni about the ways in which the MA has benefited them, how its changed their internal comms practice and ways of working/thinking, and the confidence and gravitas it has given them. 

They also spoke about how they found the time to study with busy working and home lives, the network they built with their fellow students which continues to provide support, and tips for coping with the practicalities of learning. 

We also heard from the Course Team about the structure of the course - including the workshops and the online experience for those attending virtually - and how the course is kept up-to-date within the context of the changing world of work and the increasing forces impacting internal communicators and organisations. 

They also provided further information on entry requirements and the level at which practitioners should to be working before starting the course, what academic experience is required and whether candidates need a degree before applying (they don't), as well as how suitable the course was for consultants/freelancers/agency and those working in a-typical roles. 

The session also looked at the final management report which students on the Masters undertake, with alumni providing a quick summary of their management report and how useful that has proved in practice, and the course team explaining about the value this piece of work offers to students and organisations. 

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