This month's Croner Solutions report considers the possible impact of Brexit for health and safety.

Roughly two thirds of our health and safety legislation originates in EU legislation, Any immediate changes would be likely to focus on eliminating regulatory burdens where employers feel they are disadvantaged compared to other countries or the cost of compliance is too great weighed up against the actual risks.

August's report considers what H&S legislation might come under the spotlight, along with articles on the Small Business Enterprise Act, the possible introduction of a maximum working temperature, student work placement schemes and a recent case relating to the wearing of head scarves in the workplace.

Since the UK voted to leave the EU, many employees will be wondering how it affects them – especially if they are not UK citizens.

Business advice service Croner has issued a special Brexit briefing considering the impact on employment and health & safety law as well as offering specific advice to those businesses which currently employ foreign workers.
It addresses questions such as:
  • What will happen to the foreign workers we employ?
  • Will UK employment law be simpler?
  • What will happen to existing EU laws such as maternity entitlement, equality, equal pay and working time


The briefing is available to download FREE for IoIC members.

A new strategy to help improve the health of the UK’s employees has been launched by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

The programme called ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ has six themes and urges every stakeholder in the system – employers, managers and employees – to play their part.

The themes are:

  • Acting together: instead of a single employee or team being responsible for H&S, responsibility should be part of everyone’s role from the top, down.
  • Tackling ill health: while sudden accidents take the headlines, long-term action on ill health – especially early prevention – is needed.
  • Managing risk well: targeted relevant advice can reduce sick leave, increase efficiency, improve morale, improve an organisation’s reputation and lower costs.
  • Supporting small employers: larger organisations are urged to help smaller ones by raising awareness, especially of free information and guidance.
  • Keeping pace with change: we must anticipate the workplace challenges of tomorrow and resolve them using innovation and technology.
  • Sharing success: sharing the UK’s H&S innovation and success around the world will make more people safe and enable British organisations to do more business overseas.

There’s more information about the new strategy in the April 2016 edition of Croner Solutions, a monthly publication offering business advice, which is avaiulable FREE to IoIC members.

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Did you know that new rules on whistleblowing for the financial sector will come into play in September this year? All is revealed in the May edition of Solutions - available to download FREE by IoIC members.

Other issues covered this month include a review of key fire safety legislation, an in-depth look at ‘religious persuading’ in the workplace, a feature on the apprenticeship levy, and what communication to make to employees before a work-related social event.

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The introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW) has without doubt been one of the biggest game changers in recent employment history.

It is estimated that around six million workers will benefit from the new legislation which is good news for them – but what about employers?

How will they manage to increase pay for their workers over the age of 25, yet keep pay differentials for the rest of their employees? What strategies are they using to absorb or pass on the cost?

It is these questions that prompted Croner to carry out research on the subject.

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