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The Power of Storytelling

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Event Date
22nd Oct 2019
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Standard Price
£485.00 + VAT
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£375.00 + VAT

Anthony Tasgal

Central London


From learning to go beyond facts and information to discovering how to create stories with characters, quests, archetypes and conflict, this one day course on The Power of Storytelling is designed for comms professionals who are responsible for writing effective messages and encouraging storytelling across departments, disciplines and channels in order to inspire knowledge sharing. Storytelling is increasingly becoming a vital skill for communicators and can be used to increase creativity, communicate culture and change and define your brand. 



Unlearning: Going Beyond Facts and Information

  • Abandoning our obsession with messaging and 'too much data'
  • Avoiding 'attention spam'
  • Numbers numb us

Re-learning: Why Stories Work

  • Why story conveys meaning and emotion
  • The science and art of story: Behavioural economics and the brain

From Numbers to Meaning

  • How do you see data: direction or confirmation?
  • Decks: The Presentation vs Leave Behind
  • From data to meaning

Telling Tales

  • The key principles of storytelling
  • 'The Golden Thread' - why structure is all important
  • Characters, quests, archetypes and conflict
  • Finding a voice and face for your brand

Implications and Applications



The trainer

Anthony 'Tas' Tasgal is the author 'The Storytelling Book' - the runner up for 2016's Marketing Book of the Year award. As well as running training courses on Storytelling, Behavioural Economics, Inishgtment and Creative Briefing, Tas is an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Communications, Bucks New University, Nottingham Trent and Bejing Normal Universities and an active comms and brand strategist, working for comms agencies and clients directly. You can connect with Tas on Twitter at @taswellhill.





Delegate feedback

'I cannot express how beneficial and influential I found this course - I found it to be the most valuable of any course I have ever attended'

'Tas was a great tutor with good knowledge and a really engaging delivery style. He held my attention all day and the course really got me thinking'





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