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As part of the IoIC Advanced Diploma, students work together to create a joint report on a relevant internal communication topic or challenge.

In line with the IoIC #WeMatterAtWork long term initiative, our June 2019 cohort were tasked with exploring the role of internal communication in making people feel like they matter at work in the 21st century.


The role internal communications (IC) plays in making people feel they matter in the 21st century workplace, and the impact that has on organisation performance, is very subjective and something often overlooked by businesses. This report aims to provide evidence that IC is ideally placed as a function to have a strong impact on the workplace practices that lead to employees feeling like they matter at work and give a critical analysis of the impact that has on organisation performance. Using in-depth research, our knowledge of the role and collective experiences, we have identified four key impact areas fundamental to engaging people in ways that make them feel they matter at work.
These are:
  • Employee voice
  • Innovation and digital
  • Recognition
  • Wellbeing
Throughout this report we will consider what particular place IC has in enabling and driving each of these key areas and the positive impacts they have on workplace productivity. We will also touch on the crucial importance of embedding a company’s purpose, values and strategy through these practices and mentoring leaders to see the significance of IC and these four initiatives. Our first focus will be employee voice; this will consider the impact of giving colleagues the opportunity to feedback and share ideas and opinions, as well as demonstrating that a company is listening through technology. We’ll then discuss how innovation and digital further enables this by providing engaging IC platforms and tools for two-way communication. Next, we’ll look at the role IC has in supporting and driving recognition to ensure colleagues feel that they are valued and have a key role to play. Lastly, working on the extensive evidence that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce that truly feels like they matter, our final focus will be on wellbeing. This section will look at the value of organisations investing in the mental and physical health of their colleagues in an ever-evolving 21st century workplace.


Have you ever stopped to think about what matters to you at work – what really matters?
At a basic level, you might just want to go home at the end of the day knowing you’ve done a good job for a good company – and you’ve been paid fairly for it.
But what makes a good day at work for you? Is it a boss who trusts you? Colleagues who respect you or make you laugh? 
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