Communicating Culture: Virtual Learning Programe

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Event Starts
9:30 am on 26th May 2020
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12:00 pm on 9th Jun 2020
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Domna Lazidou



The need to create positive, engaging, high performing cultures has never been as high on the organisational agenda as it is now.

Communication is a key lever in doing this, but its role is often misunderstood and communicators are either asked to do the wrong thing or are involved too late to make a difference. This course will tackle these problems head on. It will debunk several myths about organisational culture and values and equip delegates with powerful, practical knowledge and tools to help them put communication and themselves in the heart of culture change management.  

Please be aware that this is a rigorous course that challenges practitioners to see the complex connection between cultural theories and effective communication practice. In doing so the course aims to enable delegates to not just ‘do culture communication’ but to ‘lead culture communication’, including being able to challenge and guide business leaders effectively through communicating culture change.


The programme consists of:

  • Webinar: Understanding culture and how it shapes behaviour, 26 May
  • Workplace exercise: Cultural analysis
  • Discussion forum: Case study 1


  • Webinar: Communicating to shape culture, 2 June
  • Workplace exercide: Communication analysis and planning
  • Discussion forum: Case study 2


  • Webinar: Driving culture change, 9 June



At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand how culture works and how culture change happens
  • Know how to use communication to influence culture change
  • Have a clear process for articulating, testing and embedding values and behaviours
  • Know how to use communication to track and demonstrate values and behaviours change

All participants will also gain: 

  • Pre and post course access to Canvas, the IoIC's online learning environment, where they will find all course materials and be able to engage with their fellow participants
  • The opportunity to try things out in the workplace before coming back together as a group for discussions and feedback
  • A network of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from


The course will cover:

  • What is culture and how 'hidden' culture works
  • Organisational, professional, national and other cultures and how they interact
  • How culture changes and to what extent change can be managed
  • The role of communication - language based and other - in shaping and changing culture
  • Questions to ask leaders at the start of a culture change 'programme'
  • How to uncover existing organisational values
  • How to help leaders articulate new values and desired behaviours
  • What makes a good values statement - examples from different industries and organisations
  • How to use communication to embed values and behaviours and how not to
  • Creating a culture change strategy; where to start, what to cover, what to measure and how
  • How to link culture change and engagement
  • Tools and techniques for tracking culture change


About the trainer

Course tutor, Dr Domna Lazidou is a culture and engagement communication expert with over 25 years' experience. She recently gained her PhD from Cranfield University, researching the relationship between culture and communication practice in organisations. Domna is also a lecturer at Warwick University.



"Fantastic, one of the most useful courses I've ever done."

"Good background theory and lots of helpful practical tips."

"Highly recommended."

"This course was exactly what I needed - an excellent framework."

"It was clear and well-structured. Domna was well prepared, had great presentation skills and heaps of knowledge and experience to share. She balanced teaching with practical activities which really helped illustrate to me how I could go about applying her suggestions to my working day, affirmed the content I'd understood and flagged up areas where I required further advice. Brilliant course, I left feeling inspired and energised, equipped with some new comms ideas to implement - thank you!”


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