Voice Magazine

Voice Magazine - October 2019

Voice Magazine - October 2019
EMPLOYEE VOICE has been cited, by Nita Clarke and David MacLeod, as one of the four enablers of engagement, and an area where good internal communication practice can have the greatest impact. But why is employee voice so important? An organisation’s people hold important information and knowledge that invariably enables it to succeed. Alongside this, unlocking the power of employee voice allows us to create connections and meaningful relationships that make people feel they are part of something – not just a consequence of someone else’s decisions.
In this issue of Voice, we explore the power of listening: how it drives innovation and how, by better understanding the increasingly noisy communication landscape, we can create more meaningful interactions and connections. We also explore the future of IC and the trends that will fundamentally change why and how we work, highlighting the
need for organisations to shift from a command and control culture if they are to succeed in a changing, competitive and consumer-led landscape.
Paul Downey from Moneysupermarket Group shares his experiences and advice for ensuring that people are central to a changing organisation. And we consider how Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using the power of emotion to connect with millions on social media. There is lots of practical advice to help you get on the front foot in shaping the future of work. This issue explores the theme of employee voice and listening throughout.
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