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IoIC’S milestone birthday to focus on why people matter at work 

Employees deserve to feel that they matter, and that they are valued and being kept informed authentically, truthfully and with respect. 

To this end, IoIC is launching a new purpose that continues its work over the past 70 years to champion the role of effective internal comms in creating environments where people thrive.

#WeMatterAtWork is a new long-term initiative that will examine employees’ sense of purpose and value at work by focusing on how we communicate with them.
“Internal communication has the power to transform working lives by helping people feel engaged and purposeful – that they matter at work – and this makes for better organisations and a better society overall,” says IoIC chief executive Jennifer Sproul. “Through #WeMatterAtWork, we will reach out to organisations, internal communicators and, most importantly, employees, to find out what makes them feel valued at work.”
IoIC will publish insights, examine common themes and ultimately create a movement that will support the Institute as it builds a body of best practice advice that will stand the test of time.
Suzanne Peck, IoIC president, says: “Internal communication is one of the few functions in an organisation that can add valuable insight, with its unique 360-degree objective view of the business. Internal communication’s ability to re-invent itself and to embrace change – not just as a profession, but for the people it motivates and connects – is why it matters at work.”
How can you get involved?
To make the #WeMatterAtWork campaign come alive and show what makes people feel they matter at work, IoIC is calling upon as many people as possible to get involved. You can also download our #WeMatterAtWork card game to help you initiate and facilitate a workshop/discussion in the workplace.
  • Use the hashtag. Invite colleagues and employees throughout your organisation to share their thoughts on what makes them feel valued at work. It could be a short post on social media, a video message or a photo and caption – but please encourage people to add #WeMatterAtWork to the message.
  • Tell us a story. If an experience or gesture in the workplace has made you or a colleague feel valued, write a blog about it, either for your own site (be sure to let us know where we can read it), or send your story to [email protected].
Internal communicators:
  • Make a case for it. We would like to hear if you feel valued and/or how your work is shaping positive relationships within your organisation. What are you most proud of? Through blog posts and case studies, we want to showcase the positive difference and best practice IC is making.
  • Spare a thought. Share your opinions on the trends that are changing the ways in which organisations can facilitate meaningful relationships that make people feel valued, engaged and purposeful.
  • Get your people involved. This is an opportunity to showcase the people and leadership in your organisation that are living the #WeMatterAtWork philosophy. Using the hashtag, send us your stories and/or recognise a leader who is walking the #WeMatterAtWork walk.
  • Get involved with IoIC. Volunteer, attend or speak at events, participate in discussions and be part of the movement.
Leaders and influencers:
  • Be an ambassador. We are encouraging leaders and influencers to support #WeMatterAtWork and the importance of effective internal communication and its vital role in improving organisational performance and working lives. Are you a leader – or do you know a leader – who is passionate about this topic and would like to become a patron for IoIC, our purpose and #WeMatterAtWork? All we ask is for you to pledge your support through a short testimonial and to talk about internal comms in a positive way, endorsing its critical role for organisations and working lives.
Partnership with Mind
As part of the #WeMatterAtWork campaign, IoIC has partnered with mental health charity Mind. Together, IoIC and Mind will support each other on various initiatives and fundraising ideas. Watch this space. mind.org.uk

More information
If you have a question about #WeMatterAtWork or want to get involved, email [email protected].
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