My IoIC story

I’ve been a member for many years and most of my stories revolve around various conferences over the years……..some inspirational speakers, some invaluable case studies and some epic conference dinners. But I wanted to share something which was much lower key (in a way) but which had a great impact.

I’d been a member for a few years but was still relatively young in my IC career. But being the type of person who’s not good at not getting involved, I’d already inveigled my way into the London Regional Committee and various event plans.

I received a ‘member questionnaire’ from (then CEO) Kathie Jones – asking me various questions about my career to date, thoughts on the industry etc. Being a good civil servant, as I was at the time, when given a form I duly filled it in and thought no more about it.

A few weeks later I had an email from Kathie to tell me that I had been accepted as a Fellow of the IOIC and would I like to come and receive my certificate after the next Board meeting. Kathie’s ‘member questionnaire’ had been a subtle ruse to sound me out to see if I was ready for Fellowship….and I was blown away at the news. In fact, I think I shed a little tear.

The day I went to receive my Certificate was one of the proudest of my IC career – there weren’t hordes of people to witness it, no celebratory speeches or champagne – just a  few top IC professionals who I deeply respected (and do to this day) who thought I was worthy of this recognition for my achievements in a career I love.

I hope since then I have done my Fellowship proud by being an advocate and activist for the IC cause – it truly is one of the greatest things I’ve achieved. Thanks Kathie and the then Board for your faith in me!

Justine Stevenson
Awards Chair & Board Director 

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