The IoIC and me

I have so many IoIC memories that it’s impossible to pinpoint a single moment, one thing that sums up what, when I was living it, felt like a lifetime of involvement and now, looking back, feels but a fleeting flash.

However, from my first conference in 1996 through taking the role of finance director and then chair on to becoming a Fellow and, most recently, being asked to host the conference there is one thing that does stick out, one thing that will forever be IoIC to me – laughter.

If I close my eyes and think of IoIC gatherings I hear laughter, side-achingly wonderful laughter. Some from behind a glass or four; some in board rooms; some in conference sessions; some around dinner tables; some inappropriate; some daft; some knowing and some just because, but it is always the sound of people enjoying themselves.

Even in the difficult times, when the then CiB was facing financial disaster at the turn of the Century there was laughter. The chairman’s executive committee at the time, Helen Goodier, Kathie Jones, Alistair Smith, Barry Isted and myself, that steered the association through the mess had to laugh – it was about the only thing that kept us sane.

I have been privileged to meet so many great people through the IoIC, an organistion that is packed to the gunnels with inspiring and brilliant individuals and I can’t remember a single meeting that didn’t involve laughter.

So, whether I was having three-course pumpkin soup meal (those of you who know, know!) or being inspired by a new conference speaker my overriding memories are the sound that underpins it all.

I defy anyone to be part of this organisation and not laugh – here’s to at least 70 more years of laughing together.

Tim Buckley 
Past Chairman 

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