How Fremantle United a Worldwide Community (a webinar run by AddIn365)

How Fremantle United a Worldwide Community (a webinar run by AddIn365)

Would You Like to Learn How to Unite Your Workforce with a Personalised Digital Workplace? Fremantle Share Their Story  

 Addin365 is thrilled to be joined by the Fremantle internal communications team for this webinar to discuss the project goals, challenges, and successes. 

In this webinar we’ll explore how Fremantle – a global business with 6000 employees – successfully united their workforce with a personalised digital employee experience. 

A Place Creatives Want to Call Home  

With employees in 27 territories worldwide – many of whom joined the business through acquisitions – it was crucial for Fremantle to create a platform that united their entire workforce. The platform needed to be personalised, relevant, engaging, and foster a sense of belonging – a place that creatives would be proud to call home. 

In This Session Hear How Fremantle:   

  • Approached the planning of their digital workplace to deliver a personalised employee experience that meets a diverse set of needs.     
  • Navigated changes in internal communications technology platforms, from Workplace by Meta to Microsoft 365. 
  • Made use of Addin365 digital workplace products.  
  • Worked effectively with a global network of internal communications professionals.    
  • Measured and optimised their internal communications to deliver on business goals.  

Why Attend?

 By attending this session, you’ll be able to: 

  • Build a strong business case for a new platform or investment. 
  • Understand best practices for personalising internal communications in a complex organisation. 
  • Collaborate with internal communications stakeholders that don’t report to you 
  • Manage an internal communications platform change. 
  • Decide what to measure, how, and why, to maximize engagement with internal communications content on digital platforms. 

You’ll feel proactive and accomplished for getting the ball rolling on your new platform! 


To confirm your attendance and receive a calendar invitation please click the link - there are two times available - 10am and 4pm.