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A career in internal communication is rich and rewarding and organisations are increasingly recognising the value that this important profession delivers. Discover the latest jobs and careers advice to help you navigate a career in IC

The IC Hiring Guide

The IC Hiring Guide has been produced in partnership with VMAGROUP and is designed to guide anyone with responsibility for hiring for an internal communication role through the process. The guide uses the IoIC profession map framework as an underpinning model as we seek to improve the standardisation of skills and build a future pipeline of great talent.

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The IC Career Guide

Have you have considered a role in internal communication. If you're considering joining the profession and want to find out more about the roles and routes into the profession download our IC career guide developed by our the network for IC newcomers to help with tips on how to get started,

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The IoIC is on a mission to raise awareness of internal communication as a career of choice and shift the narrative from 'I fell into IC' to 'I chose IC'. We believe that internal communication is not only a highly rewarding and exciting profession, but one which is integral for the performance of organisations, the quality of working lives, and the success of society overall. Internal communication has come a long way, but we must make sure the profession keeps getting stronger. Through the #IChoseIC campaign, we hope to attract current and future talent to the internal communication profession and create a profession which is sustainable and fit for the future.

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