Code of Conduct

The IoIC’s Code of Conduct is a statement of commitment to the highest standards of professional behaviour and sets an expectation to members to be the best they can be – today and in the future

Principles of the Code

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the IoIC, whether employed, self-employed, freelance, working in-house or in agencies, however they are associated with the practice of internal communication.
The Code of Conduct also applies to our own organisation. It applies to everything we do and how we do it.
The Code of Conduct is intended to promote the reputation of the individual member, of the IoIC and of the internal communication profession as a whole.
In joining the IoIC, members accept the responsibility to adopt and adhere to the Code at all times. It is the duty of all members to report any breach of the Code to the CEO of the IoIC or the Chairman of the Board.

The Code of Conduct

Core Activity

The IoIC is committed to the highest standards of ethics, quality and behaviour in the practice of internal communication.


Members will, to the fullest extent of their influence, promote ethical communication practices including:

  • honesty and accuracy – in all communication at all times
  • ensuring employees are informed in a timely way about matters affecting them
  • promoting transparency, dialogue and employee voice
  • accessibility and inclusivity – to move organisations towards equity for all their people
  • respecting the confidentiality of employees in all instances
  • adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

The IoIC’s guidance on ethical practice sets out these requirements in greater depth. Members should familiarise themselves with this and act upon it.

Knowledge, Capability and Continuing Professional Development 

Members will ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and capability to deliver excellent communications products, services and counsel to their employers, colleagues and clients.   They should pursue professional development of their own skills and competencies in line with the IoIC Profession Map, keeping abreast of latest trends and anticipating future requirements in their field.


Members will be honest, trustworthy and act with personal integrity. They will show respect to their employers, colleagues, and all members of the IoIC and other professional bodies. They will be open to learning and generous in sharing their experience with others.


The IoIC and its members have a duty of care to recognise the power and influence of internal communication and to be accountable for its impact. They show due consideration for all those involved in or affected by their work and exercise fair judgement to deliver the most beneficial outcomes.


The IoIC and its members have a mutual responsibility to build and protect the professional reputation of internal communication practice and practitioners. Members should be seen as Ambassadors of the Institute and Advocates of the Code of Conduct.

Have a query about the Code of Conduct?

Should you have a query or you would like to log an apparent breach of the code of conduct please email [email protected].  All complaints are initially investigated by the IoIC Board and should be made in writing to After an initial investigation by the Board, and such instances the cases are referred to the IoIC Governance Group.