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The IC Index 2024 has arrived. We now share the latest IC Index with actionable insights to help you improve internal communication and build trust.

IC Index 2024: Trust Issue

Providing valuable insights into employees' perceptions of internal communication and trust within UK organisations

This comprehensive study underscores the vital connection between effective internal communication and the development of trust in business leaders and within the workplace, particularly amidst rapid technological advancement and organisational change. Based on a representative sample of 4,000 UK workers aged 18–64, surveyed between 6 and 20 March 2024, the findings offer an in-depth look at the employees' perceptions of internal communication and trust within UK organisations.

Over four years have passed since the onset of the pandemic, which underscored the true value of effective communication. The ever-evolving landscape of the workplace and the broader world highlights the critical importance of effective communication in achieving organisational goals and improving work life, especially during times of ongoing change and uncertainty

New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, present opportunities for increased efficiency. However, the growing demand for authenticity and empathy necessitates a careful balance. In this context, trust becomes more critical than ever. While it is well-known that good communication forms the foundation of trust in any relationship, understanding its specific implications in the workplace and quantifying it remains essential.

This study delves into the complex issue of trust in organisations, examining what fosters it, what undermines it, and, most importantly, the role internal communication plays in this dynamic.


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Key Findings

43% believe their organisation operates in the best interests of employees – the larger the organisation, the lower the belief


43% believe their organisation operates in the best interests of employees – the larger the organisation, the lower the belief
68% think their organisation lied about the rationale for bringing people back to the office


5/10 agree that their employer takes a clear stance on the big issues in society, but 69% of 25–34-year-olds would like their organisation to do this


1/3 would not at all trust a message from their CEO or most senior leader that was developed with AI


40% have seen change in the last year and excellent communications yields 93% change positivity


35pt jump in belief in the organisational strategy when employees know how they can contribute to it


1/3 say more clarity, honesty and listening are the key to improving how change is managed


41% of non-managers say they value a manager who supports them when something impacts them personally



CEO prospectives on the IC Index

IoIC CEO Jen Sproul Index 24
As we navigate through constant change and the rise of AI, maintaining trust through authentic and transparent communication has never been more critical. This report provides actionable insights to help organisations enhance their internal communication strategies and build a more trustworthy workplace

Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive







Louise Breed, CEO Ipsos Karian and Box Index 24
Building trust is a key ask of leaders and communicators, especially in the current context of continuous change and uncertainty. Trust can feel like an abstract thing, but the data and insight in this year's IC Index helps to demystify this complex human topic. The report will help communications professionals understand what really makes a difference, and therefore be able to make decisions confidently and advise leaders effectively.

Louise Breed, Chief Executive

Ipsos Karian and Box






Why we’re working together

The aim of this study is to identify what employees across the UK want and need from their internal communication function. Similar reports in this field tend to focus on what internal communication practitioners think is important, or what leaders want from their internal communication teams.

We wanted to take a different approach.

First and foremost, this is about the communication experiences and needs of the UK workforce. We have also brought internal communication practitioners together to home in on real industry needs.

The joint approach of IoIC’s practitioners and Ipsos Karian and Box’s research rigour has cemented findings in real data, providing robust insights which organisations can use to build improved internal communication strategies.

By providing a UK-wide employee view of what good communication looks like, we aim to champion internal communication as a business-critical function.

We hope you find this report valuable in helping you shape your organsiation’s current and future internal communication strategy. 

About the IoIC

We are the only professional body solely dedicated to internal communication in the UK.   We help organisations and people succeed through promoting internal communication of the highest standards.

We believe people deserve to feel they matter at work.  Feeling valued, connected and informed directly contributes to higher business performance.

We've been driving standards for over 70 years, by developing and supporting internal communication professionals through our qualifications, training, awards, communities, and thought leadership.  We are the voice for internal communication, driving the agenda and building a movement of passionate, dedicated professionals.

An organisation that communicates well with its people can achieve greater productivity, innovation, reputation, talent attraction and retention. 

About Ipsos Karian and Box

Ipsos Karian and Box is a team of over 130 employee experts at the heart of Ipsos’s global network of research specialists.

We’re one of the fastest-growing agencies in the employee engagement and research sectors and are proud of our reputation for providing insight-driven communication strategies and culture change programmes programmes. We’ve been trusted advisors to some of the biggest and best names for over 16 years, helping to create environments where people and businesses thrive by giving people a better voice at work.

You can find out more about us at www.ipsoskarianandbox.com

Our Principles

The workplace and the way we work are undergoing the most profound transformation in more than a century.

We believe that upholding core principles achieves world-class internal communication, helping people at work to feel more informed, engaged, productive, connected and purposeful. 


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