IoIC CPD Programme

The IoIC passionately believes that the credibility of the internal communication profession is driven by the individuals who commit to continuously improving their skills and knowledge through continuous professional development. 

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IoIC CPD Programme Overview

 The IoIC has been setting the standard for over 70 years, driving the profession forward through professional development and best practice. 

We passionately believe that the credibility of the internal communication profession is driven by the individuals who commit to improving their skills and knowledge through continuous professional development (CPD). 

We want members to feel supported in their professional development and championed for the important work that they do.

To deliver on our mission of championing internal communication of the highest standard, IoIC members are able to plan, record, and reflect on their learning, and demonstrate their professional competence using our specialist CPD Programme.  

The IoIC recommends that members aim to complete 40 CPD points per year in order to stay up-to-date with their knowledge of the profession and continuously improve their skills and competencies.

We believe that reflective practice is fundamental to learning and development, therefore points are only allocated to activities where reflective learning has been demonstrated. 

Activities must be outside of day-to-day work, for example attending meetings or delivering presentations at work would not count as CPD, neither would purely networking events. 

The benefits of CPD

The IoIC believes that CPD is fundamental to the development of individuals, teams and the profression as a whole. 

Some of the benefits of CPD are:

  • Strengthen professional credibility 
  • Identify professional development needs 
  • Address professional development needs 
  • Embed reflective thinking into everyday working life  
  • Driving best practice 
  • Support career progression 
  • Boost confidence and gravitas 
  • Showcase achievements and knowledge 
  • Planning future career goals 
  • Achieving career goals 
  • Driving the progression of the internal communication profession.

The IoIC CPD Cycle

Identify, Plan, Record, Reflect, Apply.
1. Identify
Users are encouraged to review the IoIC’s profession map and competency framework in order to identify the areas in which they need to develop their skills and knowledge.
2. Plan
Plan which activities or areas you need to undertake in order to meet personal development objectives.
3. Record
Make a record of all CPD activities completed using the online system found in your membership area.
4. Reflect
For CPD points to be allocated, users must reflect upon the learning that they have undergone and demonstrate this on the online system. Try to consider how useful the activity has been, what practical take-aways you have that you can apply in your work, and how you can further embed your learning.
5. Apply
Apply your learning into your work and put any new skills or tools into practice.

CPD Activity Chart

You can view and download a copy of our CPD Activity Chart to find out what counts as CPD and how many points each activity is worth. 

Explore what CPD the IoIC has on offer

The IoIC provides a wealth of CPD opportunities to members and non-members. These include: 

Our three-tiered qualification programme, academically accredited by Solent University, is closely aligned to the profession map, meaning students can expect to gain a qualification which will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to not only thrive at their current level, but support them take their next professional step. 

Designed to provide practical, relevant and meaningful learning and development, the Institute offers a wide range of training courses, masterclasses, and bespoke in-house options.

The Institute's Mentoring Scheme is a member-benefit which supports both mentors and mentees with their professional development. 

Events, including webinars, huddles, bitesized, and of course the IoIC Festival which features as the highlight event of the year, bringing the profession togther in person to connect, inspire and learn with a range of content zones and themes held across two days in a unqiue setting.    

The IoIC's Knowledge Hub provides a wealth of content, all designed to support personal and organisational professional development, including Factsheets, Strategy Guides, Case-Studies, Podcasts, On-demand content, blogs, thought leadership and much more!

Voice is a go-to resource and news-source for IC Professionals, providing up-to-date articles, case studies and news. 

There are also always lots of opportunities to volunteer with the IoIC, why not consider becoming an Ambassador, join a network or explore our Advisory board roles? 

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