On 12 March 1949, 51 founder members got together at the National Cash Registers offices in London to form the British Association of Industrial Editors, later becoming the Institute of Internal Communication in 2010.

The Institute is a company limited by guarantee with no share capital with the purpose to raise the profile and professionalism of internal communication. It is run for and by its members ensuring all activites are independent and for the benefit of our members and the profession we serve.

Our governance is set out in our Articles of Association.  Our Board of Directors has collective responsibility for running the IoIC, who are elected by the members for three-year terms.   The Board and the work of the Institute is further supported by its invited advisory boards.

Governance Group

The Governance Group’s role is to support and provide strategic advice to the Chief Executive, consisting of the President and two members nominated by the Board. It also acts as the Chief Executive’s line manager and it may make strategy and policy recommendations to the Board, for the Board to make final decisions.

Who's who on the Governance Group 

Board of Directors

IoIC is managed by the Board of Directors, members delegate authority by way of an election for a three-year term. The Board set the strategic direction of the Institute and how it engages with its members and other stakeholders as well as wider business, government, society and the media.

Who's who on the Board of Directors

Professional Development Advisory Board

The Professional Development Advisory Board provide input, oversight, and feedback to all IoIC professional development activities to include the profession map, training courses, qualifications, CPD, mentoring and other relevant projects.

Who's who on the Professinal Development Advisory Board 

Content Advisory Board

The Content Advisory Board will provide input, oversight, and feedback to all IoIC content activities to include Voice, Guidance Materials, Factsheets, Podcasts, Reports and Live Events.  Ensuring IoIC creates quality content and policy that serves the needs of members and the internal communication profession, and wider business and society. 

Who's who on the Content Advisory Board