IC Index 2023 Report

The aim of this study is to identify what employees across the UK want and need from their internal communication function.

05 Jul 2023

Similar reports in this field tend to focus on what internal communication practitioners think is important, or what leaders want from their internal communication teams.

We wanted to take a different approach.

First and foremost, this is about the communication experiences and needs of the UK workforce. We have also brought internal communication practitioners together to home in on real industry needs.

The joint approach of IoIC’s practitioners and Ipsos Karian and Box’s research rigour has cemented findings in real data, providing robust insights which organisations can use to build improved internal communication strategies.

By providing a UK-wide employee view of what good communication looks like, we hope to champion internal communication as a business-critical function.

We hope you find this report valuable in helping you shape your organsiation’s current and future internal communication strategy.