#IChoseIC Campaign

Building the future of the internal communication profession and driving awareness of IC as a career of choice

The IoIC is on an important mission to raise awareness of internal communication as a career of choice and shift the narrative from 'I fell into IC' to 'I chose IC'. 

We believe that internal communication is not only a highly rewarding and exciting profession, but one which is integral for the performance of organisations, the quality of working lives, and the success of society overall. 

Internal communication has come a long way, but we must make sure the profession keeps getting stronger. Through the #IChoseIC campaign, we seek to attract current and future talent into internal communication and create a profession which is sustainable and fit for the future. 




ICareer Stories: Bringing IC Careers to Life

Keith Riley-Jones.jpg

My IC Career: Keith Riley-Jones

Shan Chatoo.jpg

My IC Career: Shan Chatoo

Dev Mistry 380 x 205 px.png

My IC Career: Dev Mistry

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We have a range of opportunities for Universities, Colleges & Schools

Through the #IChoseIC campaign, we can provide speakers and insights from our #IChoseIC Ambassadors into the internal communication profession and bring IC to life.

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Are you a student or simply considering a career in internal communication?

Access our dedicated resources for students, young people or indeed anyone considering a career in internal communication.

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Get Involved with #IChoseIC

If you're passionate about your profession and want to use that passion to encourage others to consider a career in internal communication why not become an #IChoseIC Ambassador?

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Thank you to the following institutions which have already engaged with the #IChoseIC campaign and supported us to raise awareness of the internal communcation profession