We recognise how organisational sustainability is essential during a time of unprecedented risk.

What is sustainability?

Our pledge

Access to good work is contingent on resilient organisations that are wholly committed to both regenerative action for environmental recovery and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

Here at the IoIC, we’re committed to playing our part. As such we pledge to:

  1. Start on our own sustainability journey, sharing progress and learnings within our membership community as it evolves
  1. Provide relevant educational resources, briefings and other material to our membership community so we can learn, develop, grow and achieve lasting change together
  1. Identify relevant sustainability specialists and knowledge partners to deliver thoughtful debate and ideas for contemplation. This will help us all stay abreast of latest thinking so that we keep learning together, in what is undoubtedly a fast-paced and continuously evolving field.
  1. Help our members learn to facilitate climate conversations at work, with the goal of making a positive difference more broadly within their wider communities
  1. Remain focused both on the present and the pathway ahead so that we can demonstrate regenerative and sustainable practices in all that we do, in service of our members and their wider endeavours

Resources to help you get started on your sustainability journey

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