Sustainability Survey Analysis 2024

Explore the findings of our latest survey, which drew responses from a diverse mix of participants across the private, public, and third sectors spanning various industries. This wide-ranging participation has yielded a rich collection of anonymised data, enhancing our understanding of internal communication perspectives on sustainability.

Sustainability Survey Analysis 2024

Welcome to our report, which delves into our members' knowledge of sustainability communication and their readiness to lead this emerging domain within internal communication. Based on recent data gathered through our sustainability survey, this analysis includes responses from 114 internal communication professionals from private, public, and third sectors across a wide array of industries. The rich anonymised data collected has significantly enhanced our understanding of the internal communication sentiment towards sustainability.

Sustainabilty 2024 survey

The climate emergency demands all organisations minimise their carbon emissions and revise the way they create revenue and deliver value so that the environment is sustainable for future generations. 

Download the report to explore the data collected from internal communication professionals, as we examine how organisations are managing their communication on sustainability issues and topics. How extensively is internal communication already engaged in sustainability communication? Join us in uncovering these insights.

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