IoIC Launches the IC Index 2024: The Trust Issue

Unveiling the IC Index 2024: Highlighting the pivotal role of trust in fostering effective internal communication.

20 Jun 2024

We are proud to announce the launch of the IC Index 2024, undertaken in partnership between IoIC and Ipsos Karian & Box, it is a pivotal resource offering profound insights into employees’ perception of internal communication and trust within UK organisations. This is our second edition and this year we have focussed on trust underscoring its critical importance in fostering effective internal communication, especially in today's rapidly changing work environment.  

IC Index 2024

The IC Index 2024 is based on a comprehensive survey conducted with a representative sample of 4,000 UK workers. This extensive study sheds light on the evolving dynamics of workplace communication and trust, highlighting how these elements interplay to influence organisational success.

Why Focus on Trust?

In an era marked by technological advancements and organisational change, the role of trust in the workplace has become more critical than ever. The findings of the IC Index 2024 reveal that effective internal communication is a cornerstone in building and maintaining trust. With new technologies such as artificial intelligence introducing new efficiencies, the demand for authenticity and empathy in communication has never been higher. Trust, therefore, is essential in balancing these dynamics and ensuring cohesive organisational growth.

Key Findings from the IC Index 2024

  1. Trust in Leadership: A 74-point trust gap exists between employees who rate communication as excellent versus poor, highlighting the critical role of effective communication.
  2. Organisational Integrity: Only 43% of employees believe their organisation acts in their best interest, with larger organisations facing more skepticism.
  3. Transparency Issues: 68% of employees feel their organisation lied about the reasons for returning to the office.
  4. Societal Stance: Half of the employees think their employer takes a stand on societal issues, but 61% of employees expect their employer to take a stance.
  5. AI in Communication: One-third of employees distrust messages from their CEO or senior leader if developed with AI, emphasising the need for genuine human interaction.
  6. Change Management: Excellent communication results in 93% positivity towards change, with clarity, honesty, and listening being key to better change management.
  7. Strategic Alignment: There’s a 35-point boost in belief in the organisational strategy when employees know how they can contribute.
  8. Manager Support: 41% of non-managers value a manager who supports them personally during impactful events.

Implications for the IC Community

The IC Index 2024 provides the internal communication community with powerful insights and robust evidence of their value, empowering them to advocate for more strategic communication practices within their organisations. By understanding the direct impact of effective communication on trust and organisational outcomes, internal communicators can better position themselves as vital contributors to their organisation’s success.

"We are thrilled to launch the IC Index 2024, which highlights the indispensable role of trust in effective internal communication. Our findings clearly show that organisations must prioritise transparency and authenticity to build trust and achieve their goals. This study provides invaluable evidence and insights that the internal communication community can leverage to drive meaningful change within their organisations," said Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, IoIC.

For more information on the IC Index 2024 and to access the full report, please visit the IC Index 2024.