AI and the future of IC

Artificial intelligence is creating opportunities for internal communication but also risks. How do we leverage the benefits of AI while upholding professional integrity and consider the moral & ethical implications. We explore these questions in our latest white paper.

The pace at which this field is unfolding is startling.  Finding time to pause, reflect and consider what AI means for work and society at large has fast become both an imperative and a challenge. 

Here at the IoIC, we’ve been aware of the looming impact of emergent technologies on employee experience since we prioritised the future of work as an area of ongoing study and analysis. If you’re to do your best work as internal communicators, it’s incumbent on us as a membership body to keep abreast of the factors influencing employee engagement and performance.

In such a fast-moving landscape, it’s not yet possible to present absolute answers to the big questions surrounding AI. On the other hand, it’s entirely feasible to set out the questions we currently have in order to collectively address them over the coming weeks and months. To this end, we present this white paper as a living document – something we can continuously edit and update as events unfold.


About the IoIC

We are the only professional body solely dedicated to internal communication in the UK.   We help organisations and people succeed through promoting internal communication of the highest standards.

We believe people deserve to feel they matter at work.  Feeling valued, connected and informed directly contributes to higher business performance.

We've been driving standards for over 70 years, by developing and supporting internal communication professionals through our qualifications, training, awards, communities, and thought leadership.  We are the voice for internal communication, driving the agenda and building a movement of passionate, dedicated professionals.

An organisation that communicates well with its people can achieve greater productivity, innovation, reputation, talent attraction and retention. 

About the Working the Future

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Working the Future is a boutique future of work advisory firm. It helps organisations and their leaders understand, prepare for and successfully adapt to the rapidly changing world of work.

Blending work trend analysis, latest developments in the fields of team dynamics, business psychology and workforce planning capability, Working the Future provides high-value consultancy to help businesses de-risk and build sustainable, agile and future-ready workplaces and teams.

About MKAI

Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) is a Development Agency and Global Technology Stakeholder Community serving the needs of Governments, IGOs and NGOs, and Educational Institutions to help them develop, deploy and govern emerging technologies. Our focus areas include AI, Large Language Models, Blockchain, Web3 and GreenTech. 

MKAI is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has a leadership team hailing from all over the world. We consider our diversity to be our strength. MKAI strategic advisors include seasoned directors of global AI organisations and senior members of the United Nations. Furthermore, the MKAI community of more than 600 technology experts, researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts represents over 102 nationalities. 

MKAI is a company that thinks beyond short-term profits towards creating a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world. We exclusively work on projects that we consider ‘for good’ and leverage our expansive network and community to support our work.

You can find out more at

Why we're working together

As a membership community, it’s essential we help you stay informed and educated.

In spring 2023, we recognised the urgent need to unravel the impact of AI. We listened as members told us they wanted to better understand the risks and opportunities so they can deliver enhanced strategic value to their C-suite colleagues.

In June, we commissioned a specialist partner to facilitate an inaugural roundtable discussion. Its purpose was to discuss what AI means for internal communication right now and to better understand current thinking around viable approaches. We also wanted to surface the concerns people and organisations have about these new technologies.

Facilitated by development agency MKAI, we invited a select group of those operating at the highest levels of internal comms, across a range of sectors and industries, to share their hopes and fears in the age of AI.

Our Principles

The workplace and the way we work are undergoing the most profound transformation in more than a century.

We believe that upholding core principles achieves world-class internal communication, helping people at work to feel more informed, engaged, productive, connected and purposeful. 


Contact our press team

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Webinar: AI and the future of internal communication

Watch our webinar where we explored the IoIC's whitepaper discussing AI and the future of internal communication.

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