IC and AI Survey Report

Explore the findings of our latest survey, unveiling the perspectives of IC professionals on the utilisation and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within workplace environments and internal communication practices

IC and AI Integration in the Workplace

AI Survey Analysis

Welcome to our report on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the realm of internal communication (IC) practices, based on recent data collected through our AI survey. This survey, completed by 197 IC professionals across various industries and organisational levels, serves as an exploration into the current attitudes and trends surrounding AI adoption within the IC profession.

The insights gleaned from this survey provide a nuanced understanding of how IC professionals perceive AI, particularly Generative AI, and their level of comfort with its integration into the workplace and IC practices. By analysing responses from a diverse array of participants, we aimed to capture a snapshot of the prevailing sentiments and challenges encountered on the path to AI adoption in internal communication.

This report looks at  the role of IC in facilitating its deployment and communicating relevant policies to the workforce.  Moreover, we also explore how AI is currently being leveraged to assist with various IC activities, ranging from content creation to audience segmentation and data analysis. Through the survey analysis, we uncover both the potential benefits and limitations associated with AI integration in IC , providing valuable insights for practitioners navigating this evolving landscape.

Download the report,  as we delve into the data collected from IC professionals, offering a exploration of the current attitudes, trends, and challenges shaping the integration of AI in internal communication practices.