Q&A with Moto

The Moto team takes a people-forward approach to everything they do. In this Q&A, they share the secret to the success of their internal communication channel, Loop.

‘Clear communication is key to our success’

Winner: Channels > Best Channel for Members/Stakeholders/Volunteers

Congratulations on winning the IoIC Award for. How did you feel to win?
We were ecstatic to win the award for Best Channel for Stakeholders. It took us a good few seconds to realise our name was announced as the winner! It feels amazing to know that Loop has transformed our internal communication within less than a year since its launch and really boosted engagement among our over 6,000 colleagues. We’ve got a 92 per cent sign up rate, so we must be doing something right

What do you think makes your channel so special?
With 6,162 colleagues across 52 sites and nine different brands, clear communication is key to our success. We have a complex company structure, so Loop has to accommodate different user groups, across various channels ensuring a colleague’s experience is tailored depending on which brand they work for, and on which of our sites. Our colleague testimonials really speak for themselves: people love Loop and feeling like part of the Moto family. 

“Loop has really changed how we showcase how we do everything on site. From TikTok dances to add some fun on busy days, to charity event days. Loop has really given us a chance to connect with our colleagues and get some content out that supports their wellbeing.”

“Loop has allowed us to send better communications which are faster and targeted to exactly who needs to see them in a more engaging way.”

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“I find Loop to be an engaging platform for not only communications, but for sharing experiences, discussions and achievements.”

What do you put your success down to?
When we say we are people focused, we really mean it. Our colleagues are the heart of our business and the essence of the service we deliver. Loop was built around our values which are: think customer; revel in what we do; do the right thing; us before me; give back; and set the bar high.

Alongside company information and vital news and documents, we also have: 25 community groups for colleagues to join, ranging from crafts, gardening, baking, cats and more; a Wellbeing Hub to promote a healthy lifestyle with free recipe cards, exercise videos and sleep podcasts; as well as My Perks, which give our colleagues access to discounts at hundreds of retailers. We also boost engagement with seasonal competitions, quizzes, and various other ways to get involved on Loop.  

Our colleagues combined have saved a total of £13,797 from using Loop My Perks to access various discounts from our partner brands and retailers. There have been 13,950 moments of recognition created through sending e-cards to say “thank you”, “well done”, “congratulations” and more.

What advice would you give to anyone considering entering the IoIC Awards?
Ensure your award entry looks visually pleasing and really showcases your successes. Design is everything! Consider the layout, the screenshots you include and really think about how you lead the judges through the journey of your award entry. Also, don’t forget to shout about any amazing facts or statistics and lay them out clearly.

We also really value the feedback from the judges which is another reason why we entered. It’s always important to reflect and take the time to step back and read external experts’ opinions.

What do you think of when you think of IoIC?
A professional body of internal communication experts, the best in the business. It was an honour to be at the awards ceremony surrounded by so many top brands who are making waves in the internal communication industry, transforming lives and the way in which we work.   

As an IC team, what would you like to achieve next?
Colleagues are at the heart of everything we do, so we will continue to listen to their feedback in order to evolve the platform and move forwards with their support and ideas.

Over the next three years, we are keen to expand Loop further, exploring AI to boost and personalise our communications, taking the platform further and really listening to what our colleagues want from it.

We have big aspirations to grow our sign-ups to 95 per cent and coach our brand and department heads to be more self-sufficient in writing and building their own content. We want to execute even more multi-channel campaigns to deliver larger scale projects that really land well in increasing engagement. As we open more units and more sites, we are keen to ensure all new colleagues get signed up to Loop as soon as possible to start onboarding them into Moto life from day one.