Q&A with wtv.

The wtv. team’s technology is taking client Nestlé’s employees on a net zero journey. In this Q&A, wtv. explains what made the project successful.

‘Our trusted relationship with the client enabled us to push boundaries’

Winner: Innovation > Innovative Use of Media

Congratulations on winning the IoIC Innovative Use of Media Award. How did you feel to win?
We’re all thrilled. The journey to this point started long before our Climate Matters project, with the development and launch of our user-generated video platform CREWSTUDIO, which enables our clients to create global, inclusive video communications, which, importantly are low-cost, low-time and low-carbon. 
This project was the culmination of several years of product development investment, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved by combining creativity and technology.

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What do you think makes your project/campaign/channel so special?
Our client Nestlé is a truly global organisation and this project presented two key challenges for our team: firstly, how to ensure the video content produced was inclusive and featured the widest range of employees across the globe, and then how to stay true to the subject matter of climate and sustainability. Our use of CREWSTUDIO provided the perfect solution, enabling us to put the video content tool in the hands of anyone with a mobile phone, which ultimately resulted in a 45-minute hybrid broadcast with contributors in 19 countries, all without putting a single person on a plane. It was this specific low-carbon approach that allowed anyone, anywhere to participate sustainably, and it was all possible thanks to our award-winning technology.

What do you put your success down to?
Firstly, the project succeeded because of our talented and passionate teams within wtv. who work so hard to bring the live, creative and technology elements together, and our longstanding trusted relationship with Nestlé, enabling us to push the boundaries beyond a traditional project approach. Our wtv. ethos of ‘Connecting People’ rings true across the technologies we develop, like CREWSTUDIO, allowing organisations to create content that unifies organisations and creates a genuine sense of community.

What was key to working collaboratively and successfully?
Like any large project, you need open and trusting relationships between all parties to ensure that everyone feels they can be their best and can contribute, and that they understand how their individual roles fit within the wider objective. More than that, we need a good, tried and tested production management approach and transparent business systems so that both the wtv. teams and our client are collectively aware of what’s going on and what needs to be prioritised. Most importantly, you need a really supportive and bold client, who is interested in exploring new approaches and pushing their own internal boundaries.

What advice would you give to anyone considering entering the IoIC Awards?
To have an impactful entry, you need to take time and really reflect on the project lifecycle. For us, it meant having a detailed post-event discussion to understand the measurable impact and genuine difference it made to the organisation.

What do you think of when you think of IoIC?
The IoIC is a community of like-minded people and organisations with a shared skillset and passion. It’s through organisations like the IoIC that we take inspiration and interpret the direction of the industry. This allows us to see how our contribution is part of a bigger movement within a valued space and to the ultimate of businesses and their employees.

As an IC team/IC specialist, what would you like to achieve next? 
Having won this award by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using user-generated content, we’re keen to expand the direction – using our technology and creativity to provide forward thinking communications ideas for our clients.

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