Influence and Impact for Internal Communicators: Virtual Learning

Influence and Impact for Internal Communicators: Virtual Learning

Gravitas gives you the authority to influence, and the licence to create impact. It allows you to command the trust and respect of others. Vital skills in life, your career, and your role as an IC professional.

To have gravitas, you need to fully understand yourself and others.

This virtual course will explore how people interact, what makes you a trusted communicator, and how psychology, emotional intelligence, neuro- and cognitive diversity allow you to build and maintain trust.

Understanding yourself and others will allow you to grow in confidence and gravitas, to create more purposeful connections.

The introduction to 'SQ – Situational Intelligence' via The Academy's unique Holistic Approach® methodology, enables you to understand the role of hierarchy and power dynamics when interacting with others (no matter if managing up, down or communicating with peers) and feel more pro-active and in control.

The course follows a highly interactive, collaborative, and engaging approach that includes individual as well as group exercises, using real-life scenarios.

It provides practical tools and techniques to support communicating, motivating, and influencing others, even in the most challenging situations.

Who should attend?

The course is most suitable for those working around level two of the Profession Map.

The course is aligned to the 'Influence and Advising' Profession Area of the map, as well as 'Understanding People and Cultures' and 'Creating and Curating Content and Conversation'.

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of the course, delegates will: 

  • Know how to enhance their own gravitas
  • Have valuable new insight into the psychology of communications and taking on different perspectives
  • Recognise and flex their personal communications style to influence and motivate others
  • Understand how to apply interpersonal and active listening skills to build rapport
  • Be able to apply SQ – Situational Intelligence to prepare more effectively and successfully navigate hierarchical barriers
  • Comprehend strategies for handling conflict and challenging conversations with gravitas

The course will cover:

8 IoIC CPD Points

Part One: 8th Feb, 9:30 - 12:30 / Part Two: 9th Feb, 9:30 - 12:30

The Psychology of Communications

  • Neuroscience - The holistic approach to building rapport
  • The Trigger Concept - What pushes our buttons?
  • Neuro- and cognitive diversity - Adapting your filters

Stakeholder Analysis and Management

  • Stand in their shoes – Positioning Technique
  • SQ – Situational Intelligence – Hierarchy and power dynamics

Principles of Influence and Impact

  • Communicating with gravitas and presence
  • TQ – Building and maintaining trust
  • Staying tuned - Active listening
  • Managing challenging conversations – Staying focused and confident

Additional Benefits

All participants will also gain:

  • Pre and post course access to Canvas, the IoIC's online learning environment, where they will find all course materials and be able to engage with their fellow participants
  • The opportunity to try things out in the workplace before coming back together as a group 
  • A network of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from
  • Eight CPD points for IoIC Members.

Please note that we use Zoom for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access this system where you are based before booking your place. All times are in GMT.