Supercharging productivity through Internal Communications (a webinar by H&H)

Supercharging productivity through Internal Communications (a webinar by H&H)

Two IoIC CPD Points

A return to the office is gaining popularity on the basis that productivity, collaboration and creativity suffer through remote working. The reasons for this are varied. Ranging from discipline and focus, time and task management, lack of face-to-face interaction and lack of exposure to cultural norms.

But it doesn’t matter whether an organisation operates on a remote, hybrid or full-time office-based arrangement. The chances are its employees are interacting, communicating and collaborating using digital tools and channels for a significant chunk of their time.  A virtual working world has become the norm for many people.

So, will a return to the office overcome those productivity and collaboration challenges if people continue to work in the same virtual environment whilst they are there? The chances are not. In fact, a Royal Society study found people are more likely to use a digital channel to communicate with a colleague sitting only a couple of desks away, than to physically approach them.

With this in mind, how can we enhance our virtual working worlds to ensure that no matter where we work (home, office or the local coffee shop) we can be as productive and collaborative as possible.  The answer lies in nurturing the core behaviours and skills that contribute to ‘Virtual Intelligence’.

Internal Communications is in the fortunate position of being able to influence organisational culture. By modelling Virtual Intelligence in its approach and actions IC can help boost productivity and collaboration by creating the ideal conditions in which it can flourish. Find out how in this fascinating webinar from H&H, which will cover:

• What is virtual intelligence and why is it important?

• What are the core behaviours and skills relating to VI?

• How can I measure my own VI and that of my organisation?

• What role can IC take to nurture virtual intelligence and how can I make that happen?

This event will take place on Zoom. Once you have booked, click the 'Manage your booking' link below to access the Zoom details. Sessions will be recorded, sent to all those who registered and placed in the On Demand section of the Knowledge Hub.

Hannah Thoresby

Hannah Thoresby

Creative Director, H&H

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