A new IoIC website where content and community are key

The digital experience for IoIC members and other visitors to ioic.org.uk has improved with the launch of a new, user-friendly website.

23 Aug 2022

It’s not enough for an organisation to simply have a website. Your online presence has to match the fast-paced modern workplace, while providing users with an enjoyable and meaningful experience. In July, IoIC launched its new website to do exactly that – prioritising accessibility, community and personalisation.

In planning and creating the new site, IoIC focused on improving user experience in three fundamental ways. Firstly, members can now more easily find and access the wealth of content published on the site. Secondly, font and colours have changed to meet accessibility standards. And thirdly, the site is now mobile friendly, making the wealth of content available to everyone at any time.

IoIC chief executive Jennifer Sproul explains: “The main objective was to offer members a better digital experience from IoIC, and to recognise the importance of digital channels in the age of how we work and the speed of working.”

Easy to find content and people

Finding content on the site is easier, thanks to tagging and an improved search function. In addition, Voice features have been incorporated into the site, in the Knowledge Hub, moving from the magazine’s original standalone site (voice.ioic.org.uk).

“We had lots of great content before, but every member we spoke to was not aware of how much there was or where to find it,” says Jennifer. “Now we have a more joined-up approach.”

The community aspect of the website is evolving. Now, members can participate in online groups for regions or people at a certain career stage.

Jennifer highlights: “The main thing we wanted to do is dial up the community style of membership, so members feel it’s a place to come and find connections and meet people. IC can be a little bit of a lonely world.”

IoIC aims to further develop its community in the autumn by adding special interest groups. In all community groups, members can now easily join networks relevant to their needs, participate in discussion groups, and meet peers and make new connections, whether local to them, at the same stage of their careers or with a common passion.

“We will still have regional events and activities, but now there are more options to network,” adds Jennifer.

These changes are not just externally facing to improve user experience. The digital infrastructure of the Institute has been overhauled.

All systems have been integrated and now speak to each other, meaning the HQ team can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time evolving the service to members.

Future planning

As the site evolves, changes will have one principal goal: to make the user experience more personalised. Members who log in to the website for the first time are being asked for their topic interests, so future content can cater for everyone’s broad needs.
Another continuously evolving feature will be newsletters, which will be reviewed to ensure they are enhancing the content sent out by IoIC.

IoIC will also develop more digital tools to support members with continuous professional development (CPD).

“A big new feature is that CPD is better integrated into the website,” adds Jennifer. “One thing we are looking to improve is how people can use the IoIC Profession Map, and how digital tools can support them in their self-assessments, improve career pathways and tie in their training with our learning management system.”