IoIC Announces New President-Elect

The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) is proud to introduce Dominic Walters as its incoming President-Elect.

08 Mar 2024

The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) is proud to introduce Dominic Walters as its incoming President-Elect.

Suzanne Peck crop_May 2023.jpg

After an illustrious tenure spanning more than 10 years, Suzanne Peck will step down from her role as President in May 2025. To ensure a seamless transition, Dominic will collaborate closely with Suzanne and the Board over the next 12 months.

The President holds a pivotal position within the IoIC, with primary responsibility to support, represent and promote the Institute’s mission, strategy and values.  This entails working in tandem with the Board and Governance Group to oversee the organisation's operations, ensure its proper and responsible functioning, and serve as its ambassador externally.

The selection of the President-Elect, and subsequently the President, is conducted by the IoIC Board of Directors in accordance with the Institute's constitution. Following extensive deliberations and unanimous agreement by the Board, the criteria for the President-Elect mandate is that they must either currently serve as a Board director or have held such a position within the past seven years. This prerequisite ensures that the incoming President possesses a deep understanding of the IoIC's intricate workings, enabling them to provide strategic leadership and advocacy as the Institute continues to evolve and expand.

Reflecting on her tenure, outgoing President Suzanne Peck remarked:

“It has been an honour and a pleasure to be IoIC’s president, especially seeing the Institute through such workplace, business and societal change when our profession and internal communication have grown in value and importance.

I’m not wandering off into the distance just yet – there’s lots more I want to achieve and do before May 2025 – but continuing to work alongside Jennifer, the HQ team, the Board and Dominic in particular, means that we will have a seamless transition.

I’ve worked closely with Dominic when he was national chairman, as well as for many years through the Board and the Governance Group, and the IoIC is lucky to have such an able, respected and knowledgeable vice-president.”

Dominic Walters emerged as the preferred candidate, garnering the unanimous support of the Board. Dominic boasts an extensive track record of dedicated service to the IoIC, having joined the Institute in 1998. Throughout his tenure, he has served in various capacities, including as the Southwest Regional Chair, Board member, National Chairman, and a founding member of the Governance Group. Commenting on his new role, Dominic stated:

Dominic Walters

It’s an honour to be selected as President-Elect. Suzanne will be a tough act to follow as she has done a huge amount to establish IoIC as the leading professional body in our field. I’m really looking forward to working with her, Jen and the Head Office team to continue our growth, focusing especially on three broad areas – increasing membership in terms of both numbers and representation, expanding reach - especially beyond the UK – and building influence and voice. 

If you want to be a future President-Elect, the nominations for the Board of Directors opens on 27 March. The Institute hopes to see members from diverse backgrounds and experiences stepping forward to contribute to its ongoing growth journey. Prospective candidates are invited to support the IoIC's mission to champion the internal communication profession, and advocate for its impact on organisations and working lives.