FutureNet Presents: Boosting your Inner Confidence in your IC Role

FutureNet Presents: Boosting your Inner Confidence in your IC Role

Everyone is invited to join our FutureNet network and Time and Energy Management Coach Alice Dartnell in this short workshop is to help you boost your inner confidence in your IC role.

Confidence is your key ingredient for your mindset, overcoming imposter syndrome, believing in yourself and your resilience, both personally and professionally.

Confidence gives you’re the ability to create the success you want, and love what you do. As former First Lady Michelle Obama quoted “your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”, so it is important we learn how to boost our own inner confidence.

Whether you want more confidence in your role for enhanced recognition for what you do, career development, to feel good in your new role or promotion or to show yourself what you are really capable of, this talk will help!

What this workshop will cover:

  • What confidence really is
  • The difference (and impact) of internal Vs external validation
  • How to grow our inner confidence (with a few practical tips)
  • Q&A

In this workshop, you will receive expert guidance and insights, as well as practical tips you can use immediately. This will be a fun and interactive talk, with the opportunity for supportive group coaching.

You can see more about Alice in the speaker bio at the bottom of this page and via these links:

  • Free mini training - “From Procrastinator to Proactive” Mini-Masterclass. This is the ultimate guide to banish procrastination, manage the overwhelm and create balance!
  • e-book “How To Work From Home: Whilst Staying Productive, Healthy and Sane” (kindle)

As a reminder, the FutureNet network is open to IoIC members who have three years or less experience in internal communication as we feel that it is important to provide IC newcomers with a safe space where they can ask questions, learn, develop and feel supported by their peers.

This event will take place on Zoom. Once you have booked, click the 'Manage your booking' link below to access the Zoom details.

Alice Dartnell

Alice Dartnell

Time and Energy Management Coach

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