Landing Great Communications for Technology Change

Landing Great Communications for Technology Change

Many internal changes are driven by technology, process and digitalisation.

Being able to effectively support and communicate these changes can be an ongoing challenge for internal communicators, particularly those who aren't confident in 'tech talk' or tech ways of working. 

This one-day workshop will provide communicators with practical knowledge and skills for planning and delivering great communications around tech change as well as guidance on working with, and influencing tech teams and partners. 

The course will also explore the role of AI and how to leverage as internal communicators. 

By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Talk (just enough) tech to engage internal partners.
  • Be able to influence and work successfully with tech teams.
  • Map communications to tech, process and business changes.
  • Understand how to start using AI in their business communications.

The course will help skill and build confidence to: 

  • Design the communications plan to sync with multiple change agents: tech releases, process and business change, training workstreams etc.
  • Drive our organisation’s tech change through communications that inspire and build user confidence in the new tech.

Who is the workshop for?

This course is for internal communications professionals at associate, senior and manager level to get you upskilled in tech Ways of Working so you can ‘talk just enough tech’ to shape good communications.

In this course you will:

  • Use our communications framework to develop your successful tech communications plan.
  • Learn how to work with tech teams so they'll love you and your work!
  • Build your own knowledge and confidence to partner successfully in tech change/ transformation.
  • Know the key jargon and concepts.
  • Learn how to leverage AI, and what not to do!

The course will cover:

1/. AI tools: Friend or foe?

  • Overview of what AI could do for internal communications folks.
  • How to retain accuracy and the importance of the human editor.
  • User case for AI in internal communications: messaging/channel/feedback.

2/. Ways of Working in a tech world

  • What’s good about it? What's painful and how to prepare!
  • Get a handle on the change.
  • How to work with a tech and change team. Key relationships to build.

3/. Tech Communications Planning & Storytelling

  • What changes for internal communications managers.
  • How to do great tech communications planning when things constantly change.
  • Customised planning tool.
  • Proven storytelling approach for tech change.

4/. Navigating tech transformation politics

  • Top three behaviours for a successful transformation.
  • Do's and Don'ts.
  • Users, developers and business owners - 3 profiles with different agendas and communication needs to get right!

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits include:  

  • Opportunities to share ideas and learn from other organisations and practitioners with group discussions
  • Hands-on course with practical exercises to complete and apply your learning to 
  • Pre and post-course access to Canvas, the IoIC's dedicated online learning environment
  • Learning from an experienced agile working and transformation specialist 
  • 8 CPD points for IoIC Members.

Please note that we use Zoom for our online courses. Please ensure that you are able to access this system where you are based before booking your place. All times are in BST. 



Erum  Quddus

Erum Quddus

Agile & Tech Transformation Storyteller, Founder, The Agile Storytelling Company

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