Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Diploma is for you if you have mastered the basics of internal communication and are looking to progress your career.

Assessed at a final year undergraduate level, this qualification demonstrates mastery of the full range of tactical and planning skills. It also show that you have the understanding of organisational and business issues expected of a professional on the threshold of management. 

The structure of the Advanced Diploma ensures highly targeted development. This allows you to focus on specific skills and knowledge gaps that you and your organisation have identified, with areas to include:
  • How internal communication links to business strategy
  • Communication and leadership 
  • How to select and evaluate IC media 
  • The role and benefits of face-to-face communication
  • How to use measurement and research in IC
  • Developing and managing relationships with other workplace functions
  • Simple facilitation skills for research and planning meetings
  • Providing tactical advice to managers on IC practice 
  • Planning a complex communications campaign/programme
You will be awarded an Advanced Diploma of Proficiency from IoIC on successful completion of the qualification, accredited by Southampton Solent University, and you will automatically be upgraded to Member status (MIIC), with the use of recognised designation letters. Once you have completed an addditional year of experience, you can apply to be upgraded to Certified Member status, indicating significant levels of experience. 



  • You will attend an initial immersion day. This is where the standards required to attain the qualification are fully explained and hints and tips on completing the qualification are shared. You will meet the other members of your 'cohort' of IC practitioners. 
  • During the immersion day you will be briefed on your group 'challenge'. This is an opportunity to research a genuine communication issue over the course of the diploma and jointly produce a report. A facilitator assigned by IoIC will provide guidance to the cohort throughout the group challenge.
  • You will work with your facilitator to identify specific skills and knowledge gaps that will be most valuable for you to fill, and agree a highly targeted development plan.
  • You will build a personal professional development portfolio, focusing especially on your development plan, while also providing evidence of attainment of skills and areas of knowledge required for the diploma. You do this back in the workplace. 
  • You will attend a final assessment event, where you will be interviewed by senior communication professionals. 


Your workplace becomes your classroom as you collect evidence of attainment of each skill and area of knowledge. You will be given guidance on current communication texts to help you to increase your knowledge and reflect on what you have done and learnt. 

The group challenge provides a great opportunity to practice skills of virtual team working. The group will want to meet a couple of times during the programme. 

You will have the opportunity to attend two IoIC training programmes of you choice to help fill specific skill gaps. 


Your professional portfolio is assessed by our examiners, together with the individual contribution that you have made to the group challenge. You will also attend a 45 minute interview with senior communication professionals at the end of the 6-9 months. 


Holders of the Foundation Diploma are automatically qualified to enrol for the Advanced Diploma. If you are not a holder of the Foundation Diploma, you will have to go through a pre-entry assessment and a telephone interview to demonstrate that you have the equivalent skills and experience. You will need to have membership of IoIC.


  • Monday 17 July 2017


The Advanced Diploma costs £2,180 + VAT and you must be a member of IoIC to undertake the qualification. 

The fee is reduced to £1,080 + VAT for members who have successfully completed the Foundation Diploma. 

To find out more complete the enquiry form below or email [email protected] 

You can also download our Profressional Development brochure here

• Please note: Anyone taking the programme agrees to abide by the rulings of the Institute.

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