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The Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in Internal Communication is a level 6 higher education qualification which is academically accredited by Solent University, resulting in students receiving a dual award from Solent and the IoIC.

The programme is best suited for professionals who:

  • Have mastered the basics of internal communication and are looking to progress their career through demonstrating mastery of a broader range of tactical and planning skills
  • Have gained considerable internal communication experience and are now looking to underpin their work with best practice theory
  • Are keen to demonstrate their commitment to their internal communication career and professional development. 

Upon successful completion, students will be awarded an Advanced Diploma of Proficiency from IoIC, academically accredited by Solent University, and will automatically be upgraded to Member status (MIIC). Once Members have completed an additional year of experience, they can apply to be upgraded to Certified Member status, indicating significant levels of experience.


The Programme 


The Advanced Diploma is a unique learning programme which allows students to define, implement and achieve their own professional development objectives. 

The course is designed for those with internal communication experience and who are involved in planning as well as implementation. The course encourages students to put theory into practice, and to channel their learning into their organisation and the development of their role. 

Students will complete a self-assessment of their existing knowledge and skills using the level two of the IoIC profession map as a guide at the start of the course. They will then use this assessment to develop their personal development goals, which they will work on throughout the programme.  

With the support of a dedicated facilitator, students will produce a personal professional development plan to guide their studies and work towards achieving their personal objectives, ultimately producing a professional portfolio which demonstrates their learning and development, and which is underpinned by a critical narrative based on theory and best practice. 

Advanced Diploma students also work collaboratively to produce a joint report on a topical question related to internal communication practice set by the IoIC. This collaborative project provides students with the opportunity to share learning, build long-lasting professional relationships, and work together on a practial, relevant, and valuable project. 

You can Download an example of an Advanced Diploma collaborative project here.

The personalised approach to the Advanced Diploma programme allows for the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to each student's current role and organsiation. 


The benefits - why this programme?


The Advanced Diploma is designed to provide the skills and knowledge required of an internal communication professional who is in, or is looking to move into, a business partner or managerial position. Gaining a qualification via the IoIC demonstrates not only professional capability but dedication to your internal communication career and professional development.

By completing the Advanced Diploma, students will:

  • Be equipped to plan, manage and deliver internal communication of a high standard, as per the expectations of a practitioner at level two of the IoIC profession map
  • Integrate theory with their professional practice and use it to underpin decision making
  • Develop reflective and critical thinking skills: establish a practice of reflective thinking, leading to an enhanced ability to think critically and articulate ideas clearly, and using academic writing techniques to build ability to draw on ideas to support an argument
  • Advance their internal communication knowledge and skills relevant to their personal circumstances and objectives
  • Take a pro-active, tailored approach to professional development and continuous learning, informed by the framework of the IoIC profession map
  • Work closely with our diploma facilitator who provides one-to-one support and guidance throughout your studies and learn from internal communication industry experts
  • Gain access to Solent University's online library and portal as well as IoIC's dedicated online learning environment where you will engage in discussions and other activities with your fellow students

When does the course start?

The next iteration of the Advanced Diploma will commence in September 2022 and will run unil May 2023. 

How is the course delivered?

You can find out more about the course delivery, including assessment, and the cost of the course here. 

Any questions? 

You can find answers to some frequently asked questions here

To found out more, or to discuss whether this is thre right programme for you, please email us on [email protected]

Want to apply?

Find out more about the entry criteria here

To apply for the September intake, please complete our online enquiry form

Please note the IoIC diploma programme terms and conditions here

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