The Business Case for World Class Internal Communication

When internal communication is recognised as integral to strategic success outcomes, organisations adapt faster to the future of work.

In the polycrisis era, too few organisational leaders recognise internal communication as a core function that underpins knowledge exchange, collaboration and human motivation.

Outdated notions of internal communication have held for too long. Modern workers need connection, community, purpose, meaning and alignment at work. They want to know the work they do matters.

Our report presents eight reasons why world-class internal communication should be a priority agenda items in all boardrooms.

Future of Internal Communication Podcast

This podcast explores the shifting nature of work and the role that internal communication plays in both change and the future of work. In each episode, your hosts Jennifer Sproul, Dominic Walters and Cathryn Barnard explore a different strand of work’s evolving future. In conversation with guests, they dig into what’s changing, and consider the opportunity for the internal communication profession at large.

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