IoIC Annual Review 2023

IoIC is well placed to take advantage of exciting opportunities to grow both its offering and the IC community.

25 Apr 2024

As we reflect on the journey of the IoIC’s year, I can only feel a huge sense of pride in the remarkable strides we’ve made together as a community.

It’s been a year of amazing growth, collaboration and inspiring achievements, all of which contribute to our shared mission to elevate the practice of internal communication.

By growing our reach and influence, we give ourselves the biggest possible platform to demonstrate the difference that good internal communication makes, and to attract a wider and diverse range of people to see it as a career.

In a year of many highlights, this is what I would like to comment on:

  • Thriving community: Seeing our membership increase by 25 per cent is testament to a real belief in our profession and the difference we make. Seeing the growth in more vibrant voices, global connections and diverse perspectives as new members join our ranks fosters an environment where learning, sharing and supporting one another flourishes.
  • Empowering professional development: We’re delivering on our commitment to empower our members with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their roles. We ran our biggest ever programme of professional development courses over the year from a diverse range of practical ‘knowhow’ sessions to more business-oriented courses, reflecting the changing nature of our work and the expanding knowledge we need to be the best professional communicators.
  • Trailblazing thought leadership: The creation and publishing of the IC Index marked a milestone for the IoIC and our profession. It was the first ever survey that asked employees what they wanted from internal comms. The ripples from this insightful research continue to spread, informing and shaping strategy and practice. It was a long-held ambition to develop such valuable insight for our members. To see its take-up and adoption, and now, to see the second version (2024) coming together, is personally very satisfying.

Looking ahead, there continue to be boundless possibilities and exciting opportunities. This year’s financial achievements make the continued improvement and expansion of services for members possible, helping us to thrive as professionals and as an industry solely dedicated to internal communication.

In my 30+ years of volunteering with the IoIC, I’ve always believed that the bonds of community have elevated us as an association. As we celebrate the IoIC’s 75th year, let’s not forget the desire for community that brought us here and how that continues to unite us as our organisations and our roles evolve.

To each and every member of our IoIC community – especially to our unmatched CEO Jennifer and the brilliant HQ team – I extend my heartfelt thanks for your continued active support as a member and for your demonstrated belief in the transformative power of internal communication.

Suzanne Peck
IoIC President